Women in Engineering Grant 2023

Get It Made are well aware of the gender imbalance that exists within the UK manufacturing industry. Recent data suggest that female employees account for just 14.5% of the total UK manufacturing workforce, with an even smaller percentage accounting for female-led enterprises. As such, this grant aims to support female-led engineering organisations, both financially and in offering our expertise, as grant winners will work closely with Get It Made’s knowledgeable engineers to accelerate the design and development of their ideas.

With the help of this grant, Get It Made hopes to help businesses reach its true potential, and simultaneously help remove barriers facing future generations of women hoping to enter UK engineering.

Aiza, Get it Made Project Manager, says this about the grant:

“From my personal experience, the more women you see within the industry, the more I hope it encourages and inspires other women to take the lead and not be intimidated. Entering a male-dominated industry has not taken away from my own femininity, but has actually made me braver and stronger.”


About the Grant

Grant Judging Criteria

The criteria for applicants of this grant is simple, and is as followed:

1/ The leader of the organisation must be female

2/ The organisation must reside within UK engineering

3/ The goal or mission of the product or company.
What is your ultimate goal? How will it assist human beings? Whatever it is, it should be clear and well defined.

4/ How the grant will be used.
Do you have specific components in mind to manufacture? Do you have drawings and CAD files?

5/ The difference the grant will make to the organisation.
We want to make sure the grant will have a noticeable impact to your startup and the industry as a whole.

To apply for the grant, please complete the application form. If you have any questions about the application process please contact hello@get-it-made.co.uk.

About Get it Made

By removing risk and adding specialist expertise to the manufacturing process, Get It Made has continued to grow and has expanded its range of services on offer from CNC Machining to a complete and unrivalled suite of manufacturing processes.

Get it Made clients always receive a professional and personalised service from first contact through to final delivery. When you have ideas, designs and innovation, they want to help you Get It Made.

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