UKTIN Supplier Specialist Guidance Service

The UK Telecoms Innovation Network (UKTIN) has been established to help the UK build on its existing strengths, overcoming fragmentation within the innovation ecosystem so that organisations have a smoother path to growth. To succeed in telecoms, businesses need to integrate many distinct digital technologies and attain a competitive scale. UKTIN will bring the ecosystem together to boost collaboration and commercial partners, opening up new opportunities for innovation.

Our specialist advisers are on hand to help with a suite of business support telecoms services. With deep expertise in the telecoms sector and a broad network to match, they can provide tailored guidance and support to:

  • Signpost you to organisations, universities and individuals that can provide technical know-how and an understanding of key emerging digital technologies and trends
  • Identify potential sources of funding, answer queries on specific funding competitions and provide guidance on grant funding applications
  • Foster introductions and support in the creation of consortiums or commercial partnerships
  • Facilitate access to testbeds, labs and testing facilities
  • Help you identify and build necessary skills and capabilities

Whether you’re an established player in the market, an international organisation looking to enter the UK or venturing for the first time into the telecoms sector, we can support you in identifying—and capturing—new opportunities.