Accelerate your growth: Services for start-ups, spin-outs and scale-ups

The UK’s telecoms sector is thriving. Vital to society and the wider economy, it delivers the infrastructure on which we build every aspect of our digital lives. 

Day in, day out, it’s paving the way for new technological solutions that will be able to meet future digital demands, whilst also serving the present. But this sector is multifaceted, and navigating a complex innovation ecosystem can be challenging.

The UKTIN Innovation Platform has been specifically designed to support early-stage telecoms R&D companies to navigate this ecosystem, with tailored growth programmes and a focus on investment, incubation and acceleration. 

Explore the UKTIN Innovation Platform today

Exclusively available to registered users for the UKTIN innovation platform, our comprehensive programme of support ensures companies have well-developed business models with the potential to scale globally and raise investment for growth and R&D.

We can support companies in the following technology areas:

  • Security technologies
  • Wireless network technologies
  • Core network technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Compound semi-conductors
  • Non-terrestrial networks
  • Optical communications and photonics
  • Network management

Or those in adjacent sectors with telecoms applications:

  • IT and Cloud
  • Silicon, chips and electronics
  • Photonics
  • Quantum computing

We offer two strands of support, designed to be fully complementary, so we encourage organisations to consider both:

Innovation Workouts

Innovation Workout

Our two-day interactive Innovation Workouts are a fantastic opportunity to position your start-up for R&D funding and growth. It will enable you to explain and understand your business model, value proposition and the next steps you can take to test its validity.

Refine your pitch, practice with peers, and present in front of a panel. All while supported by a team of highly experienced mentors with backgrounds in digital innovation and telecoms, considering the unique challenges and opportunities within the sector.

We recommend the Innovation Workout for all early-stage companies operating in the telecoms sector, especially those exploring telecoms as a possible market or in need of a clear strategic direction.

Investment Workouts

Investment Workout

With access to finance a major barrier to UK SME growth, understanding how to plan and execute a successful investment strategy is a critical success factor for growth. This two-day course will help you build an actionable strategy to raise seed and venture capital investment from investors managing a telecoms sector-aligned portfolio. 

This workout aims to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex world of venture funding in the UK. By the end of the course, you will clearly understand the investment landscape, how to position your company to attract the right type of investor, and how to plan a multi-stage investment campaign to increase the odds of closing a fundraising round.

We recommend the Investment Workout for all early-stage companies operating in the telecoms sector, especially those planning to raise in the next 24 months or needing more investment connections in the telecoms sector.