Turning innovative ideas into tangible, commercial outcomes is tough, particularly in a complex market like telecoms.

Ideas that originate from university research have to be translated into a business context before being made profitable. Start-ups need to reach a significant scale or partner with established businesses for their innovations to make an impact. 

UK telecoms research is world class, but many of the players involved in development and innovation are dispersed and fragmented, making it difficult to turn invention into innovation and profitable commercial outcomes.

It can be difficult for telecoms innovators to access the investment and resources needed for growth and to create a wider impact on the market. While those who might fund and benefit from innovation also face challenges navigating a complex innovation ecosystem and discovering partners who meet their needs.

The UK Telecoms Innovation Network (UKTIN) has been established to help the UK build on its existing strengths, overcoming fragmentation within the innovation ecosystem and shining a light on pathways to commercialisation ensuring that telecom businesses have a smoother path to growth. 

Our services have been designed to guide your R&D to commercial success, whether you’re a university spinout or an established corporate.

Speak to a member of the UKTIN about how we can support your commercialisation endeavours at specialistguidance@uktin.net