Our discovery toolkit is a curated collection of free-to-use data resources to support you in understanding capabilities and identifying the different players in UK telecoms, whether you’re looking for established companies, academic institutions or the latest start-ups.

Free-to-use data resources to support you in finding out the capabilities of different players in the UK telecoms field. Use them to find out things like:

  • All the small companies in the South-West working with 5G in transportation.
  • How good a score a particular university has regarding their collaboration with businesses.
  • Fabricators based in the South-East that are working with photonics...

Market Research Insight Reports

If you're interested in understanding the latest UK investment, ecosystem and R&D&I activities across telecoms but don't have time to delve into the data, then our market research insight reports are for you.

Made up of empirical evidence and data, they provide a perspective of how things are currently looking across industry and academia.