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Indigo Telecom Group

Independent, Global, Multiskilled. Indigo Telecom Group has been providing network and infrastructure services to fixed and mobile carriers and the enterprise sector since 2009. In that time, we expanded our footprint across Europe and then around the world. Now operating in over 90 countries.

Institute of Telecommunications Professionals (The ITP)

The Institute of Telecommunications Professionals (ITP) is the UK’s leading independent institution for people who work in telecommunications.

iosh Training Providers

iosh Training Provide a database of providers with different specialisms and focuses within the Health & Safety sector


IoTAS help the wireless community (5G / 4G / 3G / 2G / NB IoT / Cat M1 and Satellite Receivers) to place their products on the market and ensure they perform as expected.


Pioneering AI invention company Iprova has expanded its recently-launched Invention Studioevo platform offering to now include specialised functionality for members of the 3GPP standards project. The enhanced version of the platform, named Invention Studioevo+, will allow project members to monitor contributions to the 5G (and, later, 6G) standards in real-time, as well as to expand and build upon these contributions to develop new technologies for these standards.

Companies participating in 3GPP face the challenge of having to deal with over 1.4 million, often technically-complex, working documents. Just monitoring these across the various working groups takes huge amounts of time. However, identifying the most relevant documents as soon as they are published and then assimilating, analysing and acting upon the resulting information is an even bigger task. This makes the creation of technologies, built on existing contributions, that meet the standard’s requirements and also capitalise on the resulting commercial opportunities, an even harder, longer process.

With its automated clustering and analysis of working documents – and its persistent tracking to surface newly-relevant discussions and topics – Invention Studioevo+ significantly simplifies and accelerates this task. It is the first tool to offer such functionality to 3GPP standards. This will enable members to seamlessly connect problems, or new use cases arising in the working documents, to opportunities to develop and invent new technologies in real-time. This maximises the chances of being able to contribute inventive solutions ahead of others.

Commenting on the release of Invention Studioevo+, Ruud Peters, former CEO and Executive Vice President of Philips Intellectual Property & Standards, said: “This is a significant addition to Iprova’s platform and will make the task of standards professionals in 3GPP members easier and quicker. I have been in the IP and standards arena for many years and know that this Iprova initiative will have a significant impact.”

Joff Wild, former editor-in-chief of leading IP industry publication IAM, added: “Anything that makes the task of a standards professional easier is to be welcomed. With this addition to its platform, Iprova is helping 3GPP members’ standards teams to maximise their efficiency by speeding up and simplifying the task of finding and connecting problems or other features from within the working documents. They can also save themselves time by monitoring many more discussions, across different groups, than was previously possible and, ultimately, they can of course, in real-time, find the solutions for the next release, ahead of the competition.”

Julian Nolan, Iprova’s Founder and CEO, concludes: “This latest launch from Iprova provides a totally unique hybrid of automated document analysis with data-driven invention development. It will enable 3GPP members to utilise the latest advances in the standardisation process far more swiftly than was previously the case. However, it should not be forgotten that, in addition to the new functionality, users will also derive significant value from the existing benefits of using our Invention Studioevo+ platform. It allows them to take an agile and systematic approach to invention and to draw upon inputs from vastly different domains and ecosystems.”


IQGeo delivers award-winning geospatial software solutions to telecommunication network operators around the world to support their ambitious fibre and 5G rollout objectives.

IVO Associates

Commercialisation consultancy services for photonics technologies in telecoms, automotive LIDAR and industrial inspection sectors.