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Satellite Applications Catapult

We help organisations make use of, and benefit from, satellite technologies, and bring together multi-disciplinary teams to generate ideas and solutions in an open innovation environment.

Sigma Connectivity

Sigma Connectivity is a global design house and engineering services group.


SIRADEL – a subsidiary of the ENGIE Group – delivers digital technologies that accelerate the transition towards a more connected, carbon-neutral and resilient world that positively impacts our communities and the planet.

Since 1994, SIRADEL has been leveraging expertise in geo data production, 3D modeling, digital twins, simulation and AI to help clients in telecom, industry, energy, and local and regional governments reach their sustainability and digital transformation goals.


Provider of various technical courses


Industrial Intelligence: Providing scalable AI solutions to connect & transform industrial data into actionable insights

Solid State Supplies PLC

Solid State Supplies help customers with IoT projects by offering both hardware and software solutions. Having established partnerships with leading IoT experts, we are able to offer end-to-end solutions ranging from Bluetooth to 5G Cellular connectivity.

Stacuity Ltd

At Stacuity we have developed an innovative, software-defined, global mobile core and distributed edge network using proprietary IP.

We have brought true, public cloud-style agility to the management of mobile connectivity, for IoT and enterprise data applications.

We empower IoT solution providers and other customers to manage, secure and optimise mobile connectivity, from 2G to 5G NSA, with unparalleled flexibility.

We also enable mobile connectivity providers, such as mobile operators and IoT MVNOs, to build more differentiated and valuable connectivity offerings for their own customers, by leveraging a white-labelled version of our service on a SaaS basis.