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T-DAB is a leading data science and data engineering innovation company with the mission to radically accelerate business through AI.


Film production company


Talkout VR are a specialist software development company based in the West Midlands. We have 15 staff (3d artists, animators and developers) focusing on the development of highly engaging and interactive virtual and augmented reality products.

Tao Tech UK LTD

Design production and operation of variable altitude platforms including High Altitude Platforms (HAPs), Mid Altitude Platforms (MAPs) and tethered airborne Platforms for communication, sensor and observation hardware tech e.g 5G and surveillance and mapping services


A global engineering-led program that accelerates the route to success for startups in the telecoms market. Bringing a fresher, faster and open approach to innovation. They reach around the world, across technologies and deep into the telecoms ecosystem.