Blu Wireless

Blu Wireless – Making waves in the communications world, with carrier-grade, 5G mmWave products. We’re on a mission to unlock the breath-taking potential of this technology by bringing new levels of high-speed connectivity to everyone – to our homes, to our offices, streets and transport networks.

Each step forward opens up both new challenges and opportunities and to this end, our team of highly-skilled and passionate experts endeavour to keep turning possibilities into realities.

We’ve evolved into a new breed of solution provider that not only has the technology, but also the system and market expertise that is empowering the world of 5G infrastructure, ISPs and WISPs. Few teams worldwide have the skills, life stories and drive to be successful in implementing working multi-Gbit wireless communications systems the way we are today. That’s because it’s complex to manage when it’s not your core expertise, but for us it’s our raison d’être.