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Event | 07 Jun 2024

SONIC Labs Market Insights – Online

Event overview

Join Digital Catapult’s SONIC Labs team to explore and share the latest insights into the evolution of Open RAN technologies.

Resource | 07 Jun 2024

Global Business Innovation Programme Full Details

About the Programme

Innovate UK’s Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP) aims to help ambitious innovative UK businesses to grow and scale on a global stage through building R&D, innovation collaborations and partnerships.

Event | 03 Jun 2024

Digital Drop-In: 07 06 2024

Let's keep talking!

When the Wireless Infrastructure Strategy was published in April 2023, it centralised guidance to local government and businesses to help them advance their wireless connectivity across the UK.

Resource | 24 May 2024

Network Management Future Capability Paper

About the Paper

Event | 15 Apr 2024

MVNOs World Congress Awards 2024

Back for its 22nd edition

Event | 11 Mar 2024

The Wireless Infrastructure Strategy: Delivering One Year On?

Join techUK as we approach one year since the UK Government released the UK Wireless Infrastructure Strategy.

News | 13 Feb 2024

Everything you need to know about the Wireless Networking Expert Working Group Future Capability Paper

A series of Future Capability Papers, authored by the UKTIN Expert Working Groups, are being published over the coming months, with the first paper - Wireless Networking - launched today.

Resource | 12 Feb 2024

Future Capability Paper - Wireless Networking

Wireless technology has revolutionised society, providing unparalleled mobility through devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart home gadgets. The Internet of Things (IoT) has further connected billions of devices, fostering a world of interconnectivity and automation across various sectors.

Event | 06 Feb 2024


Do you want to position your start-up for R&D funding and growth?

This two-day interactive course will guide you to reflect and identify patterns for growth within and outside of your business.

Event | 23 Jan 2024

Risk, perception, management and mitigation in RF Safety

We’re delighted to announce that this year’s annual event will again be hosted at the University of Birmingham’s brand-new conference park and hotel in collaboration with the Radio Technology SIG at Cambridge Wireless. 

Event | 11 Jan 2024

DSIT Spectrum Sandboxes Briefing

On Wednesday 17 January, techUK will host a briefing on DSIT’s spectrum sandbox project, where attendants will be given an overview of the policy background of the Spectrum Sandbox project as well as information about how to apply. This will be a virtual event only and is open to all.

Event | 09 Jan 2024

SNS JU Brokerage Event

The SNS R&I WP for 2024 has been (pre)released to give information on the contents of the forthcoming call.

Event | 03 Jan 2024

SNS Call for Proposals 2024 – Information Day

The Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) has published its SNS R&I Work Programme 2024 and the Call for proposals will open on 16 January 2024  – with a submission date on 18 Apri

Event | 18 Dec 2023

Indoor Wireless Stakeholders Workshop

This the first public event for Disruptive Analysis' new Indoor Wireless project.

Event | 11 Dec 2023

DSIT Spectrum Sandbox Workshop

On Monday 18 December, techUK will host an interactive and participative workshop on the planned spectrum sandbox projects. This will be a virtual event only and is open to all. To attend the event please click the registration button.

Event | 09 Nov 2023

Unleashing the Power of AI in Telecoms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting industry on a broad scale and telecoms is no exception, offering the potential to cut through network complexity, address new requirements, increase performance and enable automation.

Event | 02 Nov 2023

Innovate UK Analysis for Innovators Round 12 Stage 1 online briefing

As part of the Technology Missions Fund (TMF), the Government is making a substantial investment in Future Telecoms.

Resource | 26 Oct 2023

5G in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

A showcase of 5G innovation opportunities in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Resource | 26 Oct 2023

5G & Advanced Wireless Innovation Opportunities across the East Midlands

A showcase of the 5G & advanced wireless innovation opportunities across the East Midlands

Event | 18 Oct 2023

Join UKTIN's Wireless Networking experts to workshop latest research

Wireless networking is experiencing a period of exciting change with the development of new generations - from 5G to 6G, WiFi 6 and 7 - offering new use cases and business cases.

Resource | 18 Aug 2023

The Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) Dissemination Event: MNO Panel

At the recent DCIA Dissemination Event, Gareth Elliot, Mobile UK hosted a panel with representatives from all four of the UK’s mobile network operators, testament to their commitment and willingness to forge successful partnerships with local authorities.

Resource | 18 Aug 2023

The Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) Dissemination Event: Cross Government Panel

Offering a rare opportunity to pull together representatives from different departments, agencies and teams, Nick Wiggin hosted a cross-government panel at the recent DCIA dissemination event.

Resource | 18 Aug 2023

DCIA Dissemination Event: Insights and Updates from the DCIA pilots

During this second DCIA dissemination event, attendees were able to hear updates from all eight of the digital asset management pilots, with clear progress having been made on all sides since the last event in June.

Resource | 18 Aug 2023

DCIA Dissemination Event: Delving into the other DCIA workstreams

Whereas the June event had focused primarily on the digital asset management pilots, this time round, attendees were able to also hear more about the remit - and significant progress - being made across the other three workstreams.