CRALEY Group Limited

At CRALEY™, our message is ‘Innovation in SMART Infrastructure’ and our unique set of products are designed to provide significant advances on current techniques to provide better, faster and more cost-effective solutions.

​The infrastructure is already there, so why not use it…

Water networks provide a highly connected and highly protected environment, providing pre-existing conduits in both dense urban areas as well as rural areas. The very nature of a water distribution network is that is ‘goes where people are!’

Our patented CRALEY Fibre™ ‘pipe-in-a-pipe’ solution is designed specifically to utilise this existing water infrastructure for the deployment of ultra-fast fibre optic communication links, with minimum disruption and at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional techniques.

Our whole suite of products has been designed to complement and integrate seamlessly with each other, creating a unique set of solutions specifically designed for trenchless pipeline management and communications; we call this integration our Internet-of-Pipes Platform™.

So, whether you are a Water Company, a Communications or Dark Fibre provider, a Mobile Operator or a Community seeking to deliver your own fibre broadband our solutions can deliver significant benefits to all:

Better, faster, more cost-effective… and much more environmentally friendly