Glen Robinson

Glen models Microsoft’s technology vision to help people and businesses realise their full potential. Glen works closely with UK industry leads, leaders of state, regulators and businesses of varying sizes, inspiring and guiding them in developing impactful digital transformation strategies which embrace innovation. 

Glen regularly advises the government on matters of national technology strategy, regulation and policy. He is also a member of  several technical advisory boards advocating for the responsible and ethical use of AI. As well as leading Microsoft’s UK technology community where he focuses on building technical excellence within the different roles, he is also passionate about  increasing diversity and inclusion in the field. 

Over the course of his career, Glen has also held the roles of distinguished engineer, chief technology officer, executive advisor and holds experience in almost every  industry in the UK. 

The national technology officer (NTO) plays a crucial role within Microsoft. The NTO acts as a technical and thought leader serving as a bridge between the company's technology vision and the needs of customers in a specific country or region. The NTO is responsible for promoting Microsoft’s technology vision and strategy as well as working with customers, partners and industry organisations to drive the development and adoption of innovative technologies. 

The NTO also plays a key role in helping Microsoft to understand local market trends and customer requirements, provides feedback to the company's product development teams to help ensure that its technology offerings meet the needs of the local market. Additionally the NTO works to build strong relationships with government, academic and industry organisations and promotes Microsoft's role as a responsible corporate citizen. 

Overall the role of the national technology officer is vital to the success of Microsoft as it helps to ensure the companies technology offerings are aligned to local market needs and that it remains at the forefront of technological innovation and adoption.