Sylvia Lu

Sylvia Lu is an award-winning Chartered Engineer and Non-Executive Director. Sylvia has over 15 years of experience in the Telecom industry for four mobile generations with chipset vendors, currently with u-blox at the Corporate Strategy group – a Swiss vendor of positioning and wireless communication chipset, modules, and services. Sylvia provides guidance on the impact of emerging technologies and global standards on corporate strategy. 

Sylvia serves on several national and global industry Boards: she has been an elected Board Director of CW (Cambridge Wireless) since 2017. In 2018, Sylvia was appointed to the Advisory Board of UK5G to provide industry-focused, independent advice on UK’s 5G deployment, driving engagement with international industry bodies and fostering 5G adoption in vertical sectors. 

She also serves on the Board of 5G-ACIA (5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation), influencing 5G development and deployment in line with industrial imperatives to accelerate Industry 4.0 globally, leading the creation of a global network with 15 MoU partners globally in the US, EU, India, China, South Korea, and Japan. 

Sylvia operates on an international stage as a keynote speaker on 5G, 6G, emerging technologies, and global standards for a wide range of stakeholders (highlights incl. the House of Lords, Westminster eForum, United Nation’s International Telecommunication Union, Mobile World Congress, Ofcom, Financial Times Live, IET, IEEE), and contributes to industry magazines and journals, some of which have been translated into 7 languages with a global reach.

Sylvia holds a first-class Electronic Engineering degree from Birmingham University, an MSc in Communications and Signal Processing from the University of Bristol, and a PGDip with Distinction in Strategy & Innovation from the University of Oxford. An Executive MBA degree from the University of Cambridge. She is a certified effective Non-Executive Director by Financial Times. Sylvia is also an artist.