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Resource | 14 Aug 2023

Innovation Briefing Issue 6 | Looking to 2025

Unlike the move from 3G to 4G, the transition to 5G has been fairly seamless. It is expected that 5G coverage will have reached 60 per cent of the world’s population by 2026, making it the fastest ever mobile network deployment.

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

The path to true 5G and what it means for businesses

This is a guide for enterprise IT teams that want to understand what ‘true’ 5G might be able to bring to their businesses – and when.

Event | 11 Jul 2023

5G Innovation Regions Online Briefing Event

Subject to final approvals, the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) intends to launch the 5G Innovation Regions competition at the end of July.

In anticipation of this, local/regional authorities and industry are invited to provisionally register for the 5G Innovation Regions online briefin

News | 20 Jun 2023

UKTIN celebrates International Women in Engineering Day 2023

The connectivity and telecoms sector has a diversity problem: only 3% of its engineers are women. UKTIN Talent - led by WM5G - aims to address this, within a national programme of activity designed to raise awareness and encourage education leavers, career returners and switchers to consider a career in the industry.

Resource | 28 Feb 2023

A Holistic Study of Power Consumption and Energy Savings Strategies for Open vRAN Systems

A Holistic Study of Power Consumption and Energy Savings Strategies for Open vRAN Systems

News | 04 May 2023

Nokia offers up drone-in-a-box

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News | 25 Apr 2023

5G Testbeds & Trials, the end of the beginning! Keith Bullock UKTIN Article

In 2017, following the announcement of the Government’s £200m investment, the 5G Testbeds and Trials (5GTT) Programme was launched.

News | 29 Mar 2023

Qualcomm lines up OEMs for satellite smartphones

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