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Resource | 11 Aug 2023

Cambridgeshire Street Works Guidance

Cambridgeshire County Council’s Street Works team is responsible for implementing the permit scheme that has been in operation in the county since 2016.

Resource | 11 Aug 2023

Digital Glasgow Board Terms of Reference

Digital Glasgow Board

Resource | 11 Aug 2023

Sunderland City Council Smart City Job Description

Sunderland City Council's job description for Assistant Director of Smart Cities

Resource | 11 Aug 2023

5G Neutral Host Networks: an essential guide for Local Authorities

An essential guide for local authorities covering neutral host networks.

Resource | 11 Aug 2023

Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY) Engagement Toolkit

This toolkit shares social science research insights from the MANY (Mobile Access North Yorkshire) project: working to put 5G connectivity infrastructures in place for very rural communities.

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

Building the 5G Investment Case: Public Transport

5G—and the digital technologies it powers—can be the key to unlocking a more efficient, sustainable future for public transport.

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

A Report from West Mercia 5G

The following information is the High Level Summary Report (October 2022) on the outcomes and findings from the West Mercia Rural 5G Project.

Resource | 12 Jul 2023

UKTIN Nations & regions Leadership Monthly Meeting Presentation

Realising possibilities, transforming futures

Event | 11 Jul 2023

5G Innovation Regions Online Briefing Event

Subject to final approvals, the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) intends to launch the 5G Innovation Regions competition at the end of July.

In anticipation of this, local/regional authorities and industry are invited to provisionally register for the 5G Innovation Regions online briefin

Event | 07 Jul 2023

DCF Report Launch: Local authorities as enablers of digital connectivity

About this event

Following the publication of their report looking at diversity in the telecoms workforce, techUK is launching the next in their annual body of work. This time they will be focusing on Local Authorities and their roles as enablers of digital connectivity.

News | 14 Jun 2023

ITP Awards 2023

Recognising individual talent in the Digital Industry

Event | 10 Mar 2023

Connected North 2023

Delivering the North's Connected Future

Event | 10 Mar 2023

The Scotland 5G Centre: Transforming your business with 5G

Discover innovative 5G use cases, that show how 5G is transforming everyday business operations.

News | 08 Feb 2023

Telecoms Trailblazers: A day in the life of Maria Lema

The latest in the Telecom Trailblazers series.

Event | 29 Aug 2023

FarrPoint Webinar: The Connectivity Puzzle beyond Gigabit

As more UK local authority areas are awarded Gigabit infrastructure contracts, we pose the challenge - what's next?

News | 28 Jul 2023

£40m fund launched to unlock local 5G benefits

  • Applications open for £40 million fund for local and regional authorities to accelerate 5G innovation and pioneer digital connectivity for residents and business 
  • Winning regions will be supported to adopt 5G and other advanced wireless tech in driving innovation and opportunity across a variety of sectors, including public service

Resource | 19 May 2023

WM5G Applications Accelerator Final Report

Report outlining lessons learned and final outcomes

News | 29 Mar 2023

MWC Barcelona 2023: UKTIN’s highlights

Nick Johnson, Head of UKTIN provides a rundown of the annual trade show

Event | 10 Mar 2023

Connected Britain 2023


Where UK connectivity leaders from across the public and private sector come to meet.

About Connected Britain

Connected Britain is the UK’s most important connectivity event, bringing together the leaders driving Britain’s digital economy.

News | 30 Jan 2023

Vodafone completes first internet call over new tech to reach devices in an emergency

Vodafone has successfully conducted an internet call over its new network specifically designed to support connected devices, opening up opportunities for critical applications like emergency monitoring and responsive healthcare in remote places.