Artificial Intelligence

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Event | 09 Nov 2023

Unleashing the Power of AI in Telecoms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting industry on a broad scale and telecoms is no exception, offering the potential to cut through network complexity, address new requirements, increase performance and enable automation.

Event | 12 Oct 2023

AI: friend or a foe for future telecoms? Impacts of AI on security and privacy

Discussions will be centred around the threats of bad actors weaponizing AI, development of robust encryption methods, the implementation of stringent access controls, and the incorporation of ethical considerations into AI deployment.

Project | 12 Sep 2023


As an extension of FRANC projects, ARIANE aims to test – under carrier grade conditions, the impact on an Open RAN network of multiple apps running individually and concurrently in a multi-RIC environment.

Project | 12 Sep 2023


PerceptRAN has been engaged in identifying and addressing the primary challenges associated with Open RAN platform automation and security.

Event | 08 Sep 2023

Cambridge Wireless International Conference: From The Moon To The Deep Blue Sea

This year's conference will explore the convergence of space, airborne, terrestrial and marine technologies to deliver the next evolution of wireless connectivity, unlocking new possibilities for applications and services.

Resource | 14 Aug 2023

Innovation Briefing Issue 6 | Looking to 2025

Unlike the move from 3G to 4G, the transition to 5G has been fairly seamless. It is expected that 5G coverage will have reached 60 per cent of the world’s population by 2026, making it the fastest ever mobile network deployment.

Event | 01 Aug 2023

Connectivity in Low Earth Orbit (CLEO) Webinar

The government is working to establish a potential £160 million scheme to fund the next generation of satellite communications development and boost the UK’s leadership in the ever-growing global satellite market.

Event | 18 Jul 2023

The Great Telco Debate

The Great Telco Debate returns for its tenth year on Thursday 7 December 2023, assembling leaders from across the industry at telecom’s most exclusive thinktank for a day of thought-provoking discussions, challenging debates and unrivalled networking.

News | 26 Jun 2023

Fantastic Opportunity for AI companies looking to raise funds

The UKTIN Innovation Platform has been specifically designed to support early-stage telecoms R&D companies navigate the ecosystem, with growth programmes and a focus on investment, incubation and acceleration.

News | 20 Jun 2023

UKTIN celebrates International Women in Engineering Day 2023

The connectivity and telecoms sector has a diversity problem: only 3% of its engineers are women. UKTIN Talent - led by WM5G - aims to address this, within a national programme of activity designed to raise awareness and encourage education leavers, career returners and switchers to consider a career in the industry.

News | 19 Jun 2023

Everything you need to know: 5G adoption

An investment package worth almost £150 million was unveiled recently by the Department of Science, Innovation & Technology (DSIT), with up to £100 million to put the UK at the forefront of research and £40 million to boost 5G tech adoption. UKTIN spoke to Kate Greenham, Head of Programmes for Wireless Infrastructure, DSIT.

Resource | 19 Jun 2023

SIPP Briefing Event Presentation

Slides from the recent Department for Science, Innovation & Technology SIPP Briefing Event

Event | 19 Jun 2023

ECOC 2023

Europe’s leading conference on optical communications, and one of the most prestigious and long-standing events in the field worldwide.

News | 13 Jun 2023

Cloud security market continues to grow

Written by Andrew Wooden for

Event | 24 May 2023

The AI Communications Roadmap

Innovate Now – Prepare for the future

Event | 24 May 2023

CW TEC 2023: The unavoidable complexity of future wireless networks?

Cambridge Wireless and UKTIN have partnered to offer a discount code, which when signing up for this event will give a 100% discount – CWTECTIN100.  Please feel free to share this with your network but note that this code does not work in Internet Explorer.

Event | 24 May 2023

Maximising the Potential of 5G with Active Assurance

As service providers of all tiers begin to deploy and integrate with 5G networks, they face a host of new challenges and opportunities. The promise of increased data speeds, network slicing, and ultra-low latency brings enormous potential for innovation and growth.

Resource | 19 May 2023

Testbed & Trials Programme | Smart Junctions Final Report

Final report from the 5G Smart Junctions project detailing outcomes and lessons learned.

Event | 12 May 2023

MWC 2024

Get involved

Interested in exhibiting or sponsoring at 2024’s event?

Event | 12 May 2023

Web Summit 2023

What is Web Summit?

We’re a company from Dublin, Ireland, that holds events across the world: Web Summit in Lisbon, Web Summit Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Web Summit Qatar in Doha, Collision in Toronto, and RISE in Hong Kong.

Event | 12 May 2023

5G Expo 2023

Connected world with IoT & 5G

Event | 12 May 2023

Capacity Europe 2023

Capacity Europe is the continent’s largest meeting for telecoms and ICT infrastructure with over 3,000 attendees from 1,000 companies. 

Event | 12 May 2023

London Tech Week 2023

Be a part of the 2023 story! Join global celebration of tech, uniting the most innovative thinkers and talent of tomorrow in a week-long festival!

Event | 04 May 2023

Telecoms World | Middle East 2023