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Event | 15 Jul 2024

SONIC Labs Investor Seminar

Digital Catapult is delighted to invite you to an in person SONIC Labs Investor Seminar on the outlook on future networks, taking place on Tuesday 15 October from 13:00-17:00 at Digital Catapult’s office in central London.

Event | 20 May 2024

IET’s 6G and Future Networks Conference

Join us for the IET’s 6G and Future Networks Conference

Gearing up to 5G, 6G and beyond

Event | 15 May 2024

International Composites Summit 2024

The International Composites Summit (ICS), THE single place to do the most cost effective and sustainable composites business in the UK, is back for its highly anticipated 2024 edition, bringing together industry leaders, researchers, and innovators from across the composites sector.

Event | 18 Apr 2024

National Quantum Strategy Mission 2 – Networking Workshop | techUK event

Quantum technologies offer profound and transformative economic, social, and security opportunities for the UK. These could impact on many areas of our lives, from improving healthcare and speeding up drug discovery, to supporting efforts to tackle climate change and helping to keep the UK safe. 

Event | 14 Mar 2024

SCWS 2024

From commercializing 5G and the roadmap to 2030 to aligning 6G evolution to real world requirements, from digital transformation to emerging business models, SCWS offers a dynamic platform to explore the intersection of policy, technology, and partnerships.

Event | 06 Feb 2024

UKTIN Investor Briefing

Following on from our highly successful investor breakfast in October 2023, our next event – taking place on March 21st in Bristol - will again bring investors together with companies looking to raise funds.

Event | 18 Jan 2024

Infrastructure: Virtualisation or Beautification? Choose Both!

We’re socially engineered to believe that mobile infrastructure is necessarily inelegant. As a result, we see brand new Housing Developments – ideal for hybrid working – built without adequate Mobile Coverage.

Event | 15 Jan 2024

Connected Places Summit

At Connected Places Catapult we connect people, places and businesses for a future of sustainable growth and prosperity.

Event | 21 Dec 2023

The Convergence and Integration of AI and 6G

Join BDFI academic Xenofon Vasilakos at this seminar exploring the convergence and integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Sixth Generation (6G) network architectures. This emerging combination signifies a transformative shift in the landscape of future telecommunications.

Resource | 21 Nov 2023

Dorset: From 5G testbed to innovation ecosystem

Dorset's vision is to be the UK’s leading rural location for digital innovation, showing how more remote locations can support innovation, tackle society’s grand challenges and turbocharge the UK economy.

Download to learn more about the advanced connectivity opportunities in Dorset.

Project | 17 Nov 2023

England’s Connected Heartland (ECH)

England’s Connected Heartland’s (ECH) implementation projects – designed to be replicable within the ECH region and across the UK – are focused on two vertical markets: Advanced Manufacturing and Transport/Rail. These industries can benefit significantly from advanced wireless connectivity; see the ECH website page on the benefits of 5G to find out more about the benefits. All of these benefits, such as operational efficiency, contribute to the broader goal of improving the economic prosperity of the region.

Event | 23 Oct 2023

UKTIN Workshop Series to help SMEs navigate telecoms standards

Standards are an essential part of the telecoms ecosystem, but finding the time and budget to understand and engage with the myriad standards bodies and their processes is tough. 

The UKTIN Standards Working Group is designed to support SMEs in more effectively interacting with the standards process and having their IP adopted.

Event | 18 Oct 2023

Join UKTIN's Wireless Networking experts to workshop latest research

Wireless networking is experiencing a period of exciting change with the development of new generations - from 5G to 6G, WiFi 6 and 7 - offering new use cases and business cases.

Event | 12 Oct 2023

AI: friend or a foe for future telecoms? Impacts of AI on security and privacy

Discussions will be centred around the threats of bad actors weaponizing AI, development of robust encryption methods, the implementation of stringent access controls, and the incorporation of ethical considerations into AI deployment.

Project | 26 Sep 2023

Dorset Open Networks Ecosystem (DONE)

The aim of the project is to further define the blueprint for rural connectivity by advancing development of open-source Radio Access Networks (RANs) and examining the use of technology alternatives to standard network equipment.

Project | 20 Sep 2023

Westminster City Council

Westminster City Council, working with Ontix, will be testing multi-functional smart lamp columns.

Project | 20 Sep 2023

Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames will test the procurement, installation and multiple use cases via the deployment of smart multi-purpose columns.

Project | 12 Sep 2023


The HiPer-RAN (Highly Intelligent, Highly Performing RAN) project aims to develop an open platform able to host diverse, software-based intelligence that accounts for the whole RAN architecture.

Resource | 14 Aug 2023

The future of farming, with 5G: Agritech lessons from 5G RuralDorset

Against the backdrop of massive industry change, including ambitions to meet net zero, worldwide food production pressures and increasing UK food security concerns due to Ukraine’s ongoing invasion, our farming communities are in a challenging period.

Resource | 14 Aug 2023

Telecoms Trailblazers: A day in the life of Ian Smith

Hello, my name is Ian Smith and I am the Chief Technology Officer at Quickline Communications. I am responsible for our technological-related decisions across our customer-facing network and internal IT systems.

Resource | 14 Aug 2023

Dorset LEP invests £194k in rural skills support

Dorset Local Enterprise is committed to supporting the local rural and natural economy, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and has invested £194,000 towards improving rural further education.

Local Growth Fund investment has been provided to enable two new infrastructure upgrades at Kingston Maurward College, a l

Resource | 14 Aug 2023

Catapult Brings Hybrid Satellite Connectivity to 5G Network Trials in Rural Dorset

Enhanced connectivity for rural areas

Resource | 14 Aug 2023

British Geological Survey & 5G RuralDorset partner to develop new coastal landslide monitoring system

5G RuralDorset today announced a new project expansion to monitor land stability and cliff movement at key points along the Jurassic Coast. The extension to this DCMS-backed project takes its funding to £8 million and sees the British Geological Survey (BGS) join the project to work on this research area.

Resource | 14 Aug 2023

5G RuralDorset project to deliver first 5G-ready agri-robot

Small Robot Company, Wessex Internet, Telint and Dorset Council partner to deliver step-change in rural connectivity and agricultural productivity AND £7 million DCMS government grant-funded project will be launch pad for cost-effective farm robotic systems into the future.