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Event | 08 May 2024

Inclusively | How can both women and men benefit from gender diversity?

A conversation with Vicky Messer at Picocom, Mark Gilmour at ConnectiviTree and Lesley Holt at UKTIN, hosted by Chris Lewis at Lewis Insight, and Monica Paolini at Senza Fili

Diversity benefits everyone—people, businesses and customers.

Resource | 13 Feb 2024

UKTIN: Serving the Telecoms Innovator, Issue 3

Welcome to the UKTIN quarterly review. In Issue 3, Nick Johnson reviews twelve months of UKTIN and the difference made to hundreds of businesses around the UK.  

Event | 23 Jan 2024

Global Growth via the UK: Runway to Mobile World Congress

Join us for an exciting series of webinars leading up to Mobile World Congress 2024, curated by the UK Government. Delve into three dynamic bitesize sessions - each one hosted by a different organisation:

Event | 08 Jan 2024

Exploring scaling challenges for SMEs in the future telco sector

techUK would like to invite you to this virtual roundtable, “Exploring scaling challenges for SMEs in the future telco sector”, on 12 January.

Event | 23 Nov 2023

From 5G to 6G: Opportunities for European Start-ups and SMEs

The webinar “From 5G to 6G: Opportunities for European Start-ups and SMEs”, jointly organised with Institute PIIU, will take place on 7 December from 11:00 to 12:30 CET

Event | 09 Nov 2023

Unleashing the Power of AI in Telecoms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting industry on a broad scale and telecoms is no exception, offering the potential to cut through network complexity, address new requirements, increase performance and enable automation.

Resource | 07 Nov 2023

UKTIN: Unifying the buzzing telecoms sector, Issue 2

Welcome to the UKTIN quarterly review. In Issue 2, Nick Johnson talks about the great work that the UKTIN consortium is doing to accelerate the UK telecoms innovation engine, takes stock of the guidance given last time and whether we measured up and speculates about what there is to look forward to as we approach 2024.

Event | 25 Oct 2023

5G Private Networks - A One Day Primer


In this 1-day short course we present the key know-how and operational information on Private 5G Networks, considering key topics from radio frequency spectrum to radio units (RU), from user equipment to use cases, and from 5G core to the cloud and the edge.

Event | 23 Oct 2023

UKTIN Workshop Series to help SMEs navigate telecoms standards

Standards are an essential part of the telecoms ecosystem, but finding the time and budget to understand and engage with the myriad standards bodies and their processes is tough. 

The UKTIN Standards Working Group is designed to support SMEs in more effectively interacting with the standards process and having their IP adopted.

Resource | 29 Sep 2023

First report on the State of the Digital Decade calls for collective action to shape the digital transition

The first report on the State of the Digital Decade provides a comprehensive look at progress towards achieving the digital transformation to empower a more digitally sovereign, resilient, and competitive EU.

Project | 12 Sep 2023


The ON-SIDE project will address key challenges associated with deploying private 5G StandAlone (SA) networks operating in Shared Access radio spectrum, such as obtaining suitable spectrum licences and affordability of kit, while supporting the UK government and Ofcom’s broader telecoms diversification and spectrum management strategies.

Project | 12 Sep 2023


The HiPer-RAN (Highly Intelligent, Highly Performing RAN) project aims to develop an open platform able to host diverse, software-based intelligence that accounts for the whole RAN architecture.

Resource | 18 Aug 2023

DCIA Dissemination Event: Delving into the other DCIA workstreams

Whereas the June event had focused primarily on the digital asset management pilots, this time round, attendees were able to also hear more about the remit - and significant progress - being made across the other three workstreams.

Resource | 18 Aug 2023


The Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) September Dissemination Event: Momentum and learnings from across the four workstreams

Resource | 18 Aug 2023


Sharing learnings from the DCIA pilots' progress and driving collaboration

On the last day of June, the first in-person dissemination event for the DCIA project was held in Bristol.

Resource | 14 Aug 2023

Innovation Briefing Issue 6 | Sponsored: S5GConnect programme

The driving force behind developing opportunities for 5G in Scotland

The role of the Scotland

Resource | 14 Aug 2023

Dorset LEP invests £194k in rural skills support

Dorset Local Enterprise is committed to supporting the local rural and natural economy, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and has invested £194,000 towards improving rural further education.

Local Growth Fund investment has been provided to enable two new infrastructure upgrades at Kingston Maurward College, a l

Resource | 11 Aug 2023

DCIA Draft Technical Specification

Draft technical specification produced as part of the Digital Asset Management Platform workstream for the Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator project

Resource | 02 Aug 2023

5G Innovation Regions Competition Briefing Presentation

Briefing presentation for a competition for local authorities across the UK to establish themselves as ‘5G Innovation Regions’ (5GIRs) to drive 5G adoption, with a focus on key sectors where there is local capability and opportunities.

News | 21 Jul 2023

AWTG’s Flex-5G Project Announces its Partnership with Energy Solar Tech

AWTG has announced its partnership with Energy Solar Tech, utilising the advanced Flex-5G technology. By incorporating Flex-5G’s existing capacities with Energy Solar Tech’s products, this innovative collaboration is set to offer significant advantages to users.

Event | 18 Jul 2023

The Great Telco Debate

The Great Telco Debate returns for its tenth year on Thursday 7 December 2023, assembling leaders from across the industry at telecom’s most exclusive thinktank for a day of thought-provoking discussions, challenging debates and unrivalled networking.

Resource | 04 Jul 2023

Secure 5G Animation

Animation showcasing the Secure 5G project's aims and outcomes

News | 26 Jun 2023

Fantastic Opportunity for AI companies looking to raise funds

The UKTIN Innovation Platform has been specifically designed to support early-stage telecoms R&D companies navigate the ecosystem, with growth programmes and a focus on investment, incubation and acceleration.

Resource | 19 Jun 2023

UKTIN Talent Forum - Kick Off Meeting - Presentation

Slides from the UKTIN Talent Kick Off Meeting