UKTIN Transport & Logistics Expert Working Group

The UK Telecoms Innovation Network (UKTIN) Transport & Logistics Expert Working Group will consider key opportunities to capitalise on the benefits of advanced connectivity across transport and logistics.

The group will play a critical role in bringing together the demand and supply sides of the telecoms ecosystem, and provide strategic advice and inputs to UKTIN, helping to shape the practical and pragmatic toolkits we are developing to support organisations looking to undertake their own connectivity projects and programmes.

My wide range of expertise developed over the years working in technology enabled businesses, and knowledge gained in logistics, defence, connected mobility and telecom sectors has provided a broad balanced business education. This, combined with a passion to make a tangible difference in advancing connectivity adoption, is the drive that keeps me motivated. Consequently, I am looking forward to working collaboratively with colleagues to advance the UKTIN's adoption agenda and bring my experience as an independent and impartial voice as Chair.”

Jonathan eaton 

Independent Chair and Director, Eaton Connected Solutions Limited

  • 873 bn

    passenger kilometres travelled in 2019

  • 1.3 bn

    cars on UK roads

  • £880 m

    productivity lost in the UK due to traffic congestion