UK Spectrum Policy Forum July Plenary 2024

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When: 24 July 2024, 14:00 - 16:00

Where: techUK, 10 St Bride Street, London, EC4A 4AD & Online

Cost: Free

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On Wednesday 24 July the UK Spectrum Policy Forum will be hosting its third Plenary Meeting of 2024.

The July Plenary will feature the launch of our new Independent study on the Requirements for sharing Defence spectrum and building a licensing framework for public sector spectrum access in the UK. The event will count with the consultants from LS telcom, who conducted the study to explore the intricacies of sharing Defence spectrum and innovations uncovered for new use cases. 

Sharing Defence spectrum

This study explores how potential spectrum sharing frameworks could function under conditions specified by the Ministry of Defence (MoD), and how civilian users might access the shared spectrum within these guidelines.

The discussion centers on the spectrum used by the Defense sector. The goal is to look for sharing arrangement beyond frequency bands already subject to formalized sharing arrangements, such as the existing agreements between civil and military services as defined by Ofcom. These agreements enable various civil uses—such as Fixed Links, Mobile, Broadcasting, Amateur, and Emergency Services—while safeguarding Defense operations and installations. 

Click here to access the ITT for this study

The Spectrum Policy Forum will host members from industry, academia and policymakers, to explore together innovative ways to improve sharing with public sector spectrum.

Why attend the UK SPF Plenary?

Since the beginning of the year, Ofcom and DSIT have launched spectrum sandboxes and consultations aiming at increasing sharing technologies across use cases. Focusing on improving capabilities, discussions for the upcoming plenary will address the relevant advances inspectrum policy and upcoming technologies in telecommunications, to understand the growing role of spectrum in advancing spectrum sharing. We will also explore alignment of current technologies and innovative spectrum uses for the future of spectrum sharing. 

These pressing topics require a plural view from industry, policymakers, and stakeholders. As frequency bands become ever more congested and debates around interference span through several technology areas, understanding future spectrum demand requires a global perspective to galvanize the necessary insights for effective solutions. 

In addition to the above, we will also hear from the UK SPF Steering Board Chair and Cluster Chairs. 

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