Edward Cole

Our purpose: Through leadership in distributed governance, and a KATLAS Web3.0 router serving every household and business, we shall empower and inspire individuals and organisations to participate privately in a truly interactive and sustainable society.

Value to the industry: Digital twins represented by personal wallets, interconnected via smart contracts with privacy protocols on a foundational decentralised platform, will advance the data interoperability essential to drive monumental transformation in health innovation, green industrial growth and a resilient UK.

KATLAS, established in 2019, is a UK private technology company specializing in enterprise distributed (web 3.0) networks. KATLAS develops data technologies for sharing, re-using processing, combining, modeling, and analyzing large amounts of data, while preserving high privacy, security, safety, and ethical standards. Security and trust are fostered by an open source solution, for both software and hardware. Our projects span from HealthTech, AgriTech and International Trade wherever a shared digital infrastructure is necessary to build trust for advanced automation. Key personnel of KATLAS feature experience in risk management, automated trading and settlement platforms as well as computer cryptographic security, simulation for aircrafts and engineering on hardware and network resilience.

KATLAS supports companies introducing cutting-edge infrastructure for cyber-physical systems; connecting robotics, medical devices, machine sensors, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to human users where ethics, compliance and security by design are essential to interoperability.

Having been awarded Tier One partner of Digital Security by Design, KATLAS is the preferred standard for supplying to prominent government sponsored projects such as The Single Trade Window, Freight Innovation Cluster and Digital Health incubators, that are bringing zero-trust automation for cyber-physical systems. KATLAS was recognized by the 2022 International Trade Council in the Category IT: Enterprise Blockchain – regarding their system for managing ‘The Cardiovascular Health Patient Journey’.