Katlas Technology Ltd.

Our purpose: Through leadership in distributed governance, and a KATLAS Web3.0 router serving every household and business, we shall empower and inspire individuals and organisations to participate privately in a truly interactive and sustainable society.

Value to the industry: Digital twins represented by personal wallets, interconnected via smart contracts with privacy protocols on a foundational decentralised platform, will advance the data interoperability essential to drive monumental transformation in health innovation, green industrial growth and a resilient UK.

Winners – Innovate UK ‘Transformative Technologies for Future Telecoms"  being key to safer and more sustainable internet for businesses and families’ 

"Katlas has a unique technology which can be used for responsible use of AI to enhance health research, education, space sustainability, and public services. Brunel University is delighted to work with Katlas to optimise its innovation.” Dr Michael Joseph, Business Development Manager and RIEm Programme Lead, Brunel University London

Vision: With a vision to empower users with personal profiles to do business and access services more directly using the internet. KATLAS set-out in 2019 to lead distributed governance in solving challenges across sectors, including health, energy and international trade. To reduce the reliance on central institutions and 3rd parties, to drive efficiencies and bring opportunities for the micro-economy.

Solution: Our technology has the potential to become a publicly owned foundational infrastructure for responsible use of AI and access to justice by reducing fraud across the internet. Development and commercialisation of this product has huge potential to reach millions of units sold worldwide – building on lightweight software that is interoperable with basic equipment, while ensuring data ownership and privacy throughout the network.

Health example: In the area of healthcare, solutions built on our technology can support the orchestration of complex networks consisting of GPs, Specialists, Community Services, Pharma and Medical Device Manufacturers, Pharmacies up to financial services more reliably. This will yield reduced waiting times, lower the burden of travel and missed appointments, as well as optimising the utilisation of scarce resources, and thus improving the well-being and the quality of care. 

KATLAS is a UK private technology company specializing in enterprise distributed (web 3.0) networks. We develop the data technologies for sharing, re-using processing, combining, modelling and analysing large amounts of data, while preserving high privacy, security, safety and ethical standards. 

Our successes:

  1. Winners 2022 of the International Trade Council ‘GoGlobal Awards’ in Category IT: Enterprise DLT in recognition for their system for managing ‘The Cardiovascular Health Patient Journey’.
  2. Tier 1 Partners Digital Security by Design, Digital Catapult, UK Research & Innovation (UKRI)
  3. Participant of Brunel University’s Research, Innovate and Emerge (RIEm) programme

With our partners Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, this project represents a significant opportunity for KATLAS Technology to position itself as a pioneering Web3 technology UK startup and to contribute to creating a more equitable, transparent, and sustainable world. We aim to create a culture of trust and collaboration that fosters innovation and growth, as we are committed to delivering on our promises and to being responsible and thoughtful stewards of the technology we develop.