Market Research Insight Report Artificial Intelligence



The UK’s telecoms market is thriving but understanding how the ecosystem is innovating can be difficult, especially considering the rapid advancements in academia. UKTIN is therefore creating Market Research Insight Reports delving into all areas of the sector - you can find more details about the reports here. Undoubtedly the biggest technology of the moment is AI and UKTIN has today published the first of its Market Research Insight Reports focused on AI in telecoms.

The UK is home to a world-leading Artificial Intelligence R&D&I community, and the adoption of cutting-edge advanced AI techniques is currently being addressed by a large cross-technology national ecosystem, with the IT and Telecommunications category making up 29.5% of deployed AI solutions across sectors. AI is expected to play an increasingly significant role in enhancing the performance of future networks across application areas and for a wide range of purposes, such as improving network efficiency, increasing energy efficiency, ensuring private secure communications and optimising customer services. As telecom systems become more complex and interconnected, it is expected that the role of AI in our industry will only increase over time.

With rapid technological developments taking place in both AI and telecoms globally, this report aims to understand the role that AI currently plays in the UK telecoms market, current public R&D&I activities and their area of focus.

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