The GM 5G SDN project focuses on how partners across Greater Manchester (GM) will tackle the drivers of climate breakdown at a city region level, accelerating decarbonisation, improving quality of life, and growing the Green Technologies and Services sector.

Key information

Total project funding amount: £3,064,083

Project date(s): -

Category: Government Funded

Location(s): Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Status: Open

The project intends to enable hundreds of existing air source heat pumps across social housing. This will accelerate the creation of Smart Energy Grids and bring forward benefits for residents, industry and public services, aligning with GM’s Local Area Energy Plan, which will be scaled across GM. 

Co-located on the same 5G network, a digital road network environment will be piloted aiming to reduce congestion and carbon emissions and prioritise traffic flow such as public transport in a quicker, efficient way. 

A social housing focussed place-based model will also be created where multiple use cases can be stacked including building management, education, mould detection, and health-at-home, whilst the results from the initial projects are scaled across GM. 

Central to these is 5G advanced wireless technology wrapped within an ecosystem delivered by industry and telecoms partners. To deliver this we will utilise industry expertise, GM’s local full fibre network, academia, and cyber security sector.  

GM 5G Innovation Region Programme Presentation

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