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Kaleidoscope Service Solutions International Ltd

The Global Wireless Solution provider for the digitisation of any environment.

Katlas Technology Ltd.

Our purpose: Through leadership in distributed governance, and a KATLAS Web3.0 router serving every household and business, we shall empower and inspire individuals and organisations to participate privately in a truly interactive and sustainable society.

Value to the industry: Digital twins represented by personal wallets, interconnected via smart contracts with privacy protocols on a foundational decentralised platform, will advance the data interoperability essential to drive monumental transformation in health innovation, green industrial growth and a resilient UK.

KC Technology Limited

KC Technology Limited develops 60GHz radar sensing device with 5G base stations to classify vehicles movement, pedestrian count in a designated area. Traffic control can be optimized by 5G low latency network plus radar monitoring data.


Keltie is an intellectual property firm with a unique personality. A firm that’s renowned for its excellence, earned by putting talented, energetic and principled people at its heart.

KerbHub Limited

The UK government has set targets to cease sales of Petrol and Diesel vehicles by 2035. KerbHub is an infrastructure and enabling solution, our mission is to enable smart cities connectivity, while providing convenient and reliable access to EV charging.

Keysight Technologies

We’re dedicated to providing tomorrow’s test technologies today, enabling our customers to connect and secure the world with their innovations.


Kimcell is home to a range of IT services for SMEs and Government departments.

Kingly Brookes

We are specialists helping technology companies save a substantial amount of money through optimising the R&D and Patent Box tax relief they are entitled to. In the last 6 years alone we have worked with our clients to claim additional tax relief in excess of £110 million.

Kings College London

Kings College London is one of three sites in the UK that will be linked up via 5G test beds for the first time.