BBi was founded in 2020 to deliver unparalleled security for remote and home working that prevents data from being stolen or lost. Using a combination of custom hardware and software, BBi creates a direct and private 5G connection to the corporate network.

BBi's core product is its Connex Workstation.  This is a hardware device that is bundled with a private 5G service that connects directly to secure corporate cloud infrastructure.  The benefits include:

  • 5G low latency and high-performance network access with multi-SIM capability.
  • Unique antenna array for improved reception that cannot be done on a dongle.
  • Inbuilt facial recognition for improved security.
  • Malware, viruses and spyware cannot hide on a local computer as the Workstation has no drives.

The best way to secure information over the Internet is not put it on the Internet.