Blue Mesh Solutions

We have 3 products - all based around Internet of Things. 1. Smart Parking using clever IoT beacons that talk to Google Maps 2. An AI Predictive Maintenance solution with Cambridge University 3. The first (?) Quantum Security for IoT / MQTT - its unbreakable.

We are a UK based team of four tech loving entrepreneurs working on modern IoT solutions to improve tradional ways of doing things. 

Improving parking to make it smarter by sending the information about the parking space into Google Maps so the parking space advertisies to drivers when it is available. 

Improving the engineering maintenance of very large cranes and other 'big' assets by connecting cheap modern sensors into a lightweight bluetooth and Raspberry Pi network and ten sending the data into an AI system designed by engineers at Cambridge Univerity.  Faster to install, cheaper to build and with greater insight than current incumbent systems. 

Improving the security of connected IoT devices by wrapping the data in an unbreakable Quantum Computing security encryption so that TLS and MQTT data is unbreakable.  This is ideal for managers of strategic assets and gateway devices that communicate instructions to and from industrial plant. 

We are incredibly fortunate to be involved with such amazing partners via UK5G and the DCMS 5G Testbed Programme.