Cenerva Limited

We are a specialist training-driven ICT regulatory policy consultancy, helping clients worldwide address the challenges of today’s digital economy. We leverage our expertise and global consulting experience to help governments, telecommunications regulators, operators and digital service provider

Cenerva Limited is a boutique UK telecoms training-led consultancy, formed in 2017 by the merger of highly respected ICT consultancy practices, Atlantic TM and Laurasia Associates.


Cenerva has not only worked with prominent sector regulators and mobile operators on spectrum strategies, roadmaps, valuations and auctions in emerging and advanced markets, but its consultants have also led spectrum policy for governments in advanced markets.


Cenerva provides thought leadership on the regulation of digital services, including OTT communications services and platforms, having advised governments, operators and tech companies.


In 2017, Cenerva acquired the Telecoms Regulatory Master Class (TRMC) assets of InterConnect Communications (ICC) TRMC in applying global telecoms best practice and training. ICC before it was acquired by Cenerva had been training regulators and operators since 2000, and Cenerva currently trains about 250 regulators, operators a year. Cenerva recently trained dozens of staff from the World Bank on two core areas/courses: economic regulation and spectrum policy/management.


Cenerva RE-SULT (Regulatory Consulting service) - Cenerva offers a highly flexible and cost-effective specialist Regulatory consulting support to clients on either on-demand, specific project, interim or long-term basis Using our global network of 150+ Regulatory, Technical, Strategy, Economics and Legal experts, we are able to provide expert advice and support on all regulatory and policy matters and topics, either remotely or in country, tailored to each client’s needs.


Governments & Regulators - Cenerva provides leading edge regulatory training, leveraging best practice advice applied best practice to national context, and international benchmarking to support the creation of a vibrant competitive market which attracts investment and delivers the greatest benefit to consumers. 


Operators & Telcos - Cenerva supports telcos engage effectively with regulators to turn regulatory challenges into commercial and consumer opportunities as well as managing regulatory risk on business operations.


Digital Service Providers - Cenerva helps digital service providers engage with policymakers to navigating and challenging range of national regulatory landscapes to drive increased revenues and deliver innovative consumer services.