IoT (Internet of Things)

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Event | 18 Dec 2023

Indoor Wireless Stakeholders Workshop

This the first public event for Disruptive Analysis' new Indoor Wireless project.

Event | 20 Nov 2023

Connected Ecosystems Launch Event

Join Digital Catapult, the UK authority on advanced digital technology, for our Connected Ecosystems inaugural event as we hear from 3 speakers who are making the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality in the UK.

Event | 25 Oct 2023

5G Private Networks - A One Day Primer


In this 1-day short course we present the key know-how and operational information on Private 5G Networks, considering key topics from radio frequency spectrum to radio units (RU), from user equipment to use cases, and from 5G core to the cloud and the edge.

Project | 20 Sep 2023

Tees Valley Combined Authority

Tees Valley Combined Authority are leading a pilot to install multi-purpose smart columns.

Project | 20 Sep 2023

Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames will test the procurement, installation and multiple use cases via the deployment of smart multi-purpose columns.

Project | 20 Sep 2023

Oxfordshire County Council

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC), in collaboration with Zeta Specialist Lighting (Zeta) and Virgin Media O2 (VMO2), will look to procure and install 10 smart poles throughout Oxfordshire, a measure that aligns with the government's strategy to incorporate advanced wireless infrastructure into the societal fabric by 2030.

Project | 20 Sep 2023

North Ayrshire Council

North Ayrshire Council aims to create a digitally advanced waterfront destination that drives economic growth and enhances the quality of life for residents and our visitor experience.

Resource | 14 Aug 2023

The future of farming, with 5G: Agritech lessons from 5G RuralDorset

Against the backdrop of massive industry change, including ambitions to meet net zero, worldwide food production pressures and increasing UK food security concerns due to Ukraine’s ongoing invasion, our farming communities are in a challenging period.

Resource | 14 Aug 2023

Innovation Briefing Issue 6 | Looking to 2025

Unlike the move from 3G to 4G, the transition to 5G has been fairly seamless. It is expected that 5G coverage will have reached 60 per cent of the world’s population by 2026, making it the fastest ever mobile network deployment.

Resource | 14 Aug 2023

Dorset LEP invests £194k in rural skills support

Dorset Local Enterprise is committed to supporting the local rural and natural economy, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and has invested £194,000 towards improving rural further education.

Local Growth Fund investment has been provided to enable two new infrastructure upgrades at Kingston Maurward College, a l

Resource | 14 Aug 2023

Digital connectivity will empower people to restore our planet

Comment piece by Paul Coffey, CEO, The Scotland 5G Centre

Resource | 14 Aug 2023

Catapult Brings Hybrid Satellite Connectivity to 5G Network Trials in Rural Dorset

Enhanced connectivity for rural areas

Resource | 11 Aug 2023

Sunderland Smart City Vision Workshop

Background and objectives of workshop held by Sunderland City Council to define their smart city vision.

Resource | 09 Aug 2023

Mobile UK Report | Why 5G will help Healthcare

5G will benefit our economy and society.

It will be better at doing the things that 4G does already, but significantly it will offer faster and more reliable mobile internet.

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

Building the 5G investment case: Health & Social Care

5G opens new horizons for the health and social care sector, where connectivity remains a major problem.

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

Building the 5G Investment Case: Public Transport

5G—and the digital technologies it powers—can be the key to unlocking a more efficient, sustainable future for public transport.

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

Health & Social Care: How data privacy can be effectively managed via 5G networks

Security and privacy is vital when dealing with peoples' personal. This guide explores how 5G networks can deliver secure connectivity, providing assurance to the sector and patients.

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

Core Skills for Deploying 5G in the Transport & Logistics Sector

This guide has been created to highlight the specific skills required to make the most out of 5G and other forms of advanced connectivity, including tips and advice as well as case studies.

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

A Report from West Mercia 5G

The following information is the High Level Summary Report (October 2022) on the outcomes and findings from the West Mercia Rural 5G Project.

Resource | 12 Jul 2023

Transport & Logistics: How To Secure 5G Connectivity

Explore the different options available to transport & logistics organisations to secure 5G

Resource | 12 Jul 2023

Manufacturing: An Introductory Guide to 5G & Security

A guide exploring 5G's security credentials, its ability to support zero trust models and the interplay between security and safety.

Resource | 12 Jul 2023

Vertical Insights Report

The aim of this report is to consolidate and present the findings from the industry and supply-side consultations we have hosted across UK5G’s four target verticals: creative industries, manufacturing, transport & logistics, and health & social care.

Event | 03 Jul 2023

Optimising the Connected Home with Next-Gen Wi-Fi 7 Performance

About the Event

The proliferation of smart devices and the resulting exponential growth in connectivity and bandwidth needs has redefined the role of Wi-Fi in our connected world. This is especially true in the home, given the acceleration of high-speed broadband access and the increasing availability of fibre in many countries. 

News | 26 Jun 2023

Sierra, Amdocs, Athonet combine on full-service private 5G buy/build/run bundle

Written by James Blackman for RCR Wireless News