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News | 15 Jul 2024

Our interconnected telecoms industry will only thrive with standards at its core

Our interconnected telecoms industry will only thrive with standards at its core

Andy Reid, Standards Champion, UKTIN

Event | 07 Jun 2024

Tech and Innovation Summit 2024

techUK’s flagship Innovation Summit returns on Wednesday 19 June to traverse the extraordinary and ground-breaking discoveries made possible by the application of emerging and transformative technologies. 

Event | 07 Jun 2024

Cambridge Tech Week 2024

Cambridge Tech Week brings together world-leading experts, innovators and investors to fuel growth across the tech ecosystem, establishing Cambridge as a key place where global tech comes to meet.

Event | 03 Jun 2024

Digital Drop-In: 07 06 2024

Let's keep talking!

When the Wireless Infrastructure Strategy was published in April 2023, it centralised guidance to local government and businesses to help them advance their wireless connectivity across the UK.

Event | 29 May 2024

Connected Britain 2024

Connected Britain is the UK’s most important digital economy event, bringing together stakeholders from across the connectivity ecosystem. 

Event | 20 May 2024

IET’s 6G and Future Networks Conference

Join us for the IET’s 6G and Future Networks Conference

Gearing up to 5G, 6G and beyond

Event | 30 Apr 2024

Fyuz 2024

Fyuz 24 will be held in Dublin, Ireland, November 11-13, at the Convention Center Dublin

As the only event to cover all aspects of open and disaggregated network technologies, Fyuz attracts C-Level executives, visionary speakers, innovators, and disruptors.

Resource | 10 Apr 2024

Future Capability Paper - Non-Terrestrial Networks

The UK Telecoms Innovation Network (UKTIN) NTN working group, comprising of industrial and academic experts have worked during 2023 to analyse gaps and strengths in the UK NTN ecosystem and to make initial recommendations to Government, academia and industry aimed at ensuring that the UK has a strong role in this key area. 

Event | 08 Apr 2024

London Tech Week 2024

Innovators. Investors. Tech giants. The visionaries applying new tech to solve the world’s biggest problems. Enterprise tech leaders who are creating solutions to enrich every aspect of our lives.

They all come to London Tech Week to see where tech will take them next.

News | 13 Feb 2024

Everything you need to know about the Wireless Networking Expert Working Group Future Capability Paper

A series of Future Capability Papers, authored by the UKTIN Expert Working Groups, are being published over the coming months, with the first paper - Wireless Networking - launched today.

Resource | 12 Feb 2024

Future Capability Paper - Wireless Networking

Wireless technology has revolutionised society, providing unparalleled mobility through devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart home gadgets. The Internet of Things (IoT) has further connected billions of devices, fostering a world of interconnectivity and automation across various sectors.

Event | 21 Dec 2023

Conference on “Non-Terrestrial Networks, a Native Component of 6G"

This face-to-face event will offer attendees the unique opportunity to come together and exchange with experts, network with peers, and visit the dedicated project posters all focussing on the topic of Non-Terrestrial Networks for beyond 5G.

Event | 25 Oct 2023

5G Private Networks - A One Day Primer


In this 1-day short course we present the key know-how and operational information on Private 5G Networks, considering key topics from radio frequency spectrum to radio units (RU), from user equipment to use cases, and from 5G core to the cloud and the edge.

Event | 23 Oct 2023

UKTIN Workshop Series to help SMEs navigate telecoms standards

Standards are an essential part of the telecoms ecosystem, but finding the time and budget to understand and engage with the myriad standards bodies and their processes is tough. 

The UKTIN Standards Working Group is designed to support SMEs in more effectively interacting with the standards process and having their IP adopted.

Event | 13 Oct 2023

UKTIN IP & Standards Seminar Series

UKTIN is launching a three-day IP and Standards Seminar series, designed to upskill SMEs in the strategy and practice of navigating the standards bodies and identifying protectable and valuable Intellectual Property.

Day 1: 9th January

Day 2: 10th January

Day 3: 11th January

Resource | 09 Aug 2023

Mobile Telecoms Masts - A Guide

A simple guide to mobile telecoms masts

Covering everything that local authorities, consumers and citizens may want to know about mobile telecoms masts: what they are for, the different types of masts, their component parts and why we need them

Event | 03 Aug 2023

Telecoms Security Act: Industry sessions – September 2023

techUK is convening regular industry collab sessions for providers undertaking compliance activity for the Telecoms Security Act. These online sessions will take place monthly and are open to all PECN/PECS providers (all Tiers) to come together in an open, transparent, and collaborative way.  

Event | 18 Jul 2023

The Great Telco Debate

The Great Telco Debate returns for its tenth year on Thursday 7 December 2023, assembling leaders from across the industry at telecom’s most exclusive thinktank for a day of thought-provoking discussions, challenging debates and unrivalled networking.

Event | 07 Jul 2023

DCF Report Launch: Local authorities as enablers of digital connectivity

About this event

Following the publication of their report looking at diversity in the telecoms workforce, techUK is launching the next in their annual body of work. This time they will be focusing on Local Authorities and their roles as enablers of digital connectivity.

Resource | 04 Jul 2023

SONIC Labs Annual Report 2023


Event | 30 Jun 2023

OpenRAN Reality Check | Webinar

Part of the vision of Open RAN has been creating specifications and ecosystem alignment resulting in what is effectively a plug-and-play radio system.

However, the reality today, and the near-term outlook, show this isn't the case; system integration is and will be a key driver of Open RAN deployments.

News | 27 Jun 2023

Telecoms and tech plays ‘defining role’ in new US-India pact

Written by Nick Wood for

News | 15 Jun 2023

Telecoms takes a village: get support for your business

Written by Nick Johnson, Head of UKTIN, for Business and as part of the Guardian's Digital Transformation Campaign.

News | 15 Jun 2023

UKTIN’s highlights: International Telecoms Conference

In London on the 12th of June, techUK hosted the first UK-hosted International Telecoms Conference as part of London Tech Week 2023 on behalf of the Department of Science, Innovation & Technology (DSIT).