Secure Innovation: Quick Start Guide for Start-ups

Secure Innovation Guide

In October 2023, the National Cyber Security Centre and National Protective Security Authority joined forces to produce a campaign dedicated to providing guidance for start-ups on how to protect their businesses and further innovation.

The UK has a strong record in research and development, with a vibrant startup ecosystem. This can make innovative UK companies attractive targets for: 

  • State actors looking to steal ideas 
  • Competitors seeking commercial advantage 
  • Criminals looking to profit from companies with weak security 

Emerging technology companies of all sizes are being targeted by certain states. Companies with weak security are most at risk. Those states may steal technology to: 

  • Fast-track their technological capability 
  • Target, harm, and repress their own people to prevent dissent or political opposition 
  • Increase their military advantage over other countries

The Secure Innovation campaign outlines cost-effective measures that startup businesses can take from day one to help better protect their ideas, reputation, and future success. Laying strong security foundations from the start will increase effectiveness and be more cost efficient as the business grows.  

It will also make the startup more attractive to partners and investors. The campaign is primarily targeted at the UK’s emerging tech sector, where the threat is highest and competition to succeed can be intense.

To enable start-up leaders to take the crucial first steps in their security journey, a Quick Start Guide has been created and is available to download here.

The campaign and supporting guidance were jointly produced by the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), in collaboration with industry.

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