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News | 15 Jul 2024

Our interconnected telecoms industry will only thrive with standards at its core

Our interconnected telecoms industry will only thrive with standards at its core

Andy Reid, Standards Champion, UKTIN

Resource | 03 Jul 2024


Since the launch of the UK Telecoms Innovation Network in April 2023, much has been accomplished. The network and expertise now mobilised is already delivering significant benefit and is set to be a valuable resource to the industry and policy makers looking ahead.

Resource | 24 Jun 2024

The State of Broadband: - June 2024 Leveraging AI for Universal Connectivity

The ITU/UNESCO Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development is investigating and considering how AI can best be used to enhance people’s lives, improve development outcomes and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Event | 07 Jun 2024

Tech and Innovation Summit 2024

techUK’s flagship Innovation Summit returns on Wednesday 19 June to traverse the extraordinary and ground-breaking discoveries made possible by the application of emerging and transformative technologies. 

Event | 07 Jun 2024

UK SPF Cluster 1 Workshop: Future demand for Wi-Fi spectrum

Join the UK SPF Cluster 1 for a special event to discuss the opportunities for the Wi-Fi industry. We will uncover how innovative Wi-Fi allocations and related technologies will enable service development.

Event | 07 Jun 2024

UK Spectrum Policy Forum July Plenary 2024

On Wednesday 24 July the UK Spectrum Policy Forum will be hosting its third Plenary Meeting of 2024.

Event | 07 Jun 2024

Joint techUK / UKspace Satellite Telecommunications Committee Q2 Meeting 2024

Come join the second STC quarterly meeting of 2024 on Thursday 19 June 2024 at techUK's London office. 

News | 04 Jun 2024

UKTIN’s Highlights: The UK Telecoms Innovation Ecosystem Conference

On Thursday, 30th May 2024 at the IET London, UKTIN hosted the inaugural UK Telecoms Innovation Ecosystem Conference to provide a unique opportunity for peers to:

Event | 03 Jun 2024

Digital Drop-In: 07 06 2024

Let's keep talking!

When the Wireless Infrastructure Strategy was published in April 2023, it centralised guidance to local government and businesses to help them advance their wireless connectivity across the UK.

Event | 31 May 2024

GenAI Security Roundtable - sponsored by AWS

As the UK government invests £1 billion in accelerating the nation's generative AI capabilities, AWS and techUK are hosting a roundtable discussion to explore the critical intersection of security and ge

Event | 31 May 2024

Inter-Academy International Workshop on ‘Future Communications And 6G’

Join us at this landmark event to shape the future of wireless communication, drive economic growth, and forge international partnerships that will define the next era of global connectivity.

Resource | 24 May 2024

Network Management Future Capability Paper

About the Paper

Event | 15 May 2024

Women in Tech - One Year Anniversary (Ofcom & Telco D&I Pledge)

The telecoms sector has historically been male-dominated, particularly in senior technology-based positions. Last year, Ofcom and the UK’s largest telecoms companies looked to change that and came together to sign a pledge in June 2023, committing to help more women build technology careers across the telecoms sector. 

News | 09 May 2024

Ian Smith announced as Head of UKTIN

We are delighted to announce Ian Smith has joined us as the Head of UKTIN. Smith brings over 30 years in telecoms, with hands-on experience designing, building and operating fixed and mobile networks, and a wealth of commercial expertise.

Event | 08 May 2024

Inclusively | How can both women and men benefit from gender diversity?

A conversation with Vicky Messer at Picocom, Mark Gilmour at ConnectiviTree and Lesley Holt at UKTIN, hosted by Chris Lewis at Lewis Insight, and Monica Paolini at Senza Fili

Diversity benefits everyone—people, businesses and customers.

Resource | 07 May 2024

Secure 5G Project Closure Report

The Secure5G project successfully advanced the development of secure, open source 5G connectivity. Led by Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult, the consortium comprised of Lime Microsystems, Slipstream Engineering Design, and Arqit.

Event | 02 May 2024

Webinar: UK Network Resilience: Are we well prepared?

Join FarrPoint's upcoming webinar on 15th May 2024 at 11 am as we discuss the resilience of the UK's fixed and mobile networks. 

Event | 30 Apr 2024

Join the inaugural UK Telecoms Innovation Ecosystem Conference

On Thursday, 30th May 2024 at the IET Savoy, we’ll be hosting the inaugural UK Telecoms Innovation Ecosystem Conference to provide a unique opportunity for peers to:

Resource | 29 Apr 2024

Market Research Analysis Annual Report

The UK’s telecoms market is thriving but understanding how the ecosystem is innovating can be difficult, especially considering the rapid advancements in academia and industry. UKTIN has therefore written a Market Research Analysis Annual Report: bringing together insights from industry, government and academia.

Event | 15 Apr 2024

How semiconductors will drive forward the Net Zero transition

Join techUK on Tuesday 14th May to hear from industry voices on the pivotal role of semiconductors in the net zero transition. 

Event | 15 Apr 2024

Quantum readiness: the transport sector and quantum computing

Embracing the quantum computing revolution is essential to addressing challenges and developing the next generation of intelligent transportation. 

Event | 15 Apr 2024

The AI Summit 2024


Resource | 10 Apr 2024

Future Capability Paper - Non-Terrestrial Networks

The UK Telecoms Innovation Network (UKTIN) NTN working group, comprising of industrial and academic experts have worked during 2023 to analyse gaps and strengths in the UK NTN ecosystem and to make initial recommendations to Government, academia and industry aimed at ensuring that the UK has a strong role in this key area. 

Event | 08 Apr 2024

CW TEC 2024

The CW Technology & Engineering Conference (CW TEC) offers a more technical engineering focused agenda than the CW International Conference, exploring an emerging problem that our engineering community has highlighted as being