Straightforward Guide to 5G | Manufacturing

From the Industrial Revolution to Industry 4.0, manufacturing has always been a cornerstone of the UK economy.



Continuous innovation has been the driving force behind this, but today–more than ever–manufacturers are under constant pressure from shrinking margins and increasing demands to boost factory efficiency while enhancing safety and security.

Spurred by shorter product lifecycles and the impact of COVID-19, these longstanding challenges are made even more complex by rising energy prices, the need for agility and emerging skills gaps. Not forgetting obligations to operate more sustainably for the good of the planet, and business. All of which means, things have got to change.

5G could play an important role in tackling these challenges. Research from Vodafone indicates that the application of new digital technologies such as 5G and IoT in manufacturing could add £3.6bn to the sector’s GVA in 2025, rising to £6.3bn in 2030.

This guide has been designed to demystify 5G, helping businesses and organisations understand exactly what 5G is, what it does and why it’s important.

We’ve tried to keep it as jargon-free as possible but if you find yourself confused, we’ve included a handy glossary.

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