5G ONE4HDD aims to design and deploy a Mobile 'Cell on Wheels' (CoW) equipped with Open RAN (Radio Access Network) technology, offering reliable connectivity in crowded venues.

Key information

Total project funding amount: £1,471,492

Project date(s): -

Category: Government Funded

Location(s): TBD

Status: Open


  • Ateme
  • DTG
  • Imaginary Pictures
  • University of Surrey
  • VMO2

Project Summary

5G ONE4HDD, proposes a novel solution to optimise mobile network performance in High Demand Density (HDD) environments such as music festivals, sporting events, and major public gatherings. We aim to design and deploy a Mobile 'Cell on Wheels' (CoW) equipped with Open RAN (Radio Access Network) technology, offering reliable connectivity in crowded venues.

Our technical approach encompasses the creation of a portable cell site, catering for hundreds of concurrent users. This state-of-the-art cell site will harness the power of Open RAN technology and advanced codecs to guarantee seamless video transmission even in the most demanding environments. We will also explore the provision of a wide-range of services such as 'over-the-top’ (OTT) video streaming, social media connectivity, emergency broadcasts, standard telephony, and innovative 5G broadcast services. The venues for where the CoWs will be deployed will be chosen from a list of planned VMO2 events which will be finalised by VMO2 at the end of March 2024. These will be a combination of sporting and music events and the 5G ONE4HDD project will select 5 of these to run trials at.

Our consortium comprises expert partners from various fields including mobile network optimisation, broadcast services, video compression and content delivery, cellular radio technologies, and cybersecurity.     

The project prioritises cybersecurity, with measures managed by the University of Surrey to ensure robust protection against potential threats. Our solution will not only enhance mobile network performance but also ensure user data privacy and security.

Alex Buchan, CTO, Digital TV Group (DTG) said: 

“The Digital TV Group and its 5G ONE4HDD consortium partners, Ateme, Imaginary Pictures, University of Surrey and Virgin Media O2, are delighted to have been selected by DSIT as part of the Open Network Ecosystems competition. 

We believe it is vital that content continues to engage the viewer, wherever they are and whenever they are watching. The 5G ONE4HDD project will address the crucial challenge of delivering reliable mobile connectivity in crowded settings, thereby enhancing user experience and fostering technological innovation in the UK.

We’re excited to get to work with an incredible group of experts to drive tangible, positive impacts in the Open RAN space.”

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