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B13 Technology

40% of software projects fail and never make it into production. B13 Technology is deploying tools that de-risk the software development journey for entrepreneurs. We begin from ideation, assisting in capturing precise documentation and formulating detailed project plans, and extend to AI-assisted code reviews for ensuring quality and security of the software being developed. This process also involves handover and close collaboration with the entrepreneur's chosen software development partner.

With visualisation tools, project tracking becomes more transparent and intuitive. Our methods have already been used to deliver over 100 software applications, rooted in CMMI and ISO accreditations, ensure adherence to global standards and we assist the entrepreneur to protect their intellectual property.


BBi was founded in 2020 to deliver unparalleled security for remote and home working that prevents data from being stolen or lost. Using a combination of custom hardware and software, BBi creates a direct and private 5G connection to the corporate network.

Blu Wireless

Blu Wireless – Making waves in the communications world, with carrier-grade, 5G mmWave products. We’re on a mission to unlock the breath-taking potential of this technology by bringing new levels of high-speed connectivity to everyone – to our homes, to our offices, streets and transport networks.

Blue Mesh Solutions

We have 3 products - all based around Internet of Things. 1. Smart Parking using clever IoT beacons that talk to Google Maps 2. An AI Predictive Maintenance solution with Cambridge University 3. The first (?) Quantum Security for IoT / MQTT - its unbreakable.