Aliniant UK Ltd

Aliniant is a telecommunications consultancy and R&D firm based in Berkshire in the UK, with a primary focus on OSS Design, ML applications, cross-functional information simplification (ie. reducing the "Silo Effect") and big data. Of these OSS design is the main focus.

Aliniant focuses on automation of OpenRAN architecture 4G and 5G networks. We are also invested in producing easy to use performance and configuration management that come from decades of using tools that do a poor job of A) providing basic functionality (we don't believe that PM and CM tools should be separate, many analytic outcomes rely on both sources of data, so why not combine them) B) automation DEFINITELY relies on both working together, reliably. And C) as this experimental in many ways, the tools should be able to tell you what they've done, in something more coherent than a topology file. So we've focused on a set of use cases that optimise coverage and capacity, minimise intersite interference and provide the ability to predict faults appearing on sites, as well as providing a human friendly way of dealing with this data that provides boh engineers and other technical staff a level paying field with which to view data and communicate with each other.