Neutroon is a SaaS operating system making multi-vendor Private 5G + edge apps easy and affordable for enterprises. Users can manage multiple multi-vendor Private 5G networks and easily orchestrate apps on different edge platforms from a single pane of glass through its Hyperslicing™ technology.

Neutroon is a multi-tenant cloud platform that allows MPN operators to orchestrate and manage multiple multi-vendor Private 5G + edge networks and the value-added apps living inside each of them. All from a single pane of glass.

Neutroon several abstraction layers make the management of heterogeneous infrastructure, from RAN through the core to MEC, easy and scalable. Ultimately creating a smoother integration of the IT/OT and the telco worlds. Neutroon achieves this thanks to a powerful REST API that also simplifies its integration to 3rd party software platforms like OSS/BSS and other enterprise systems.

A Neutroon Hyperslice™ combines a slice/segment of the telco network (i.e. core and RAN) and automates the provisioning of virtual networking and virtual infrastructure to deploy specific edge/cloud apps (VMs/K8s) with VLAN isolation. This approach simplifies network management for IT teams, adds visibility of network devices, improves cybersecurity, and reduces time spent in onboarding and customizing enterprise-critical apps to LTE/5G.

Neutroon has already integrated into its platform leading vendors like Ericsson, Airspan, Druid and Accelleran, among many others. 

The company already serves customers including Fujitsu, Ferrovial, and Enel, in Spain, Germany, and the UK.