Ranplan Wireless

Ranplan Wireless are pioneers in software solutions that help perfect the design, optimization and automation of 5G in-building and dense urban outdoor wireless networks, either in isolation or coordination.

Ranplan Wireless pioneer software solutions for the design, optimization, and simulation of in-building and outdoor wireless networks. The streamlined, open platform simplifies network planning from the start, allowing imports of geographical data, floorplans, mesh objects, and 3D building models from any BIM authoring software.

Intelligent automation and 3D ray-tracing simulations expedite the design process, expertly identifying potential issues and optimizing network performance for reliable connectivity. Ranplan operates from a vendor-neutral position, which ensures an unbiased representation of devices, components, and simulations, facilitating precise predictions of network performance.

In the hands of Network Engineers, the Ranplan software has enabled a remarkable 50% enhancement in design productivity coupled with a 30% reduction in CAPEX and OPEX. This transformative impact supports the swift and cost-effective delivery of advanced wireless networks, providing an unmatched quality of service for end-users and businesses.


Darren Matthews

Digital Marketing Executive

Samantha Lay-Flurrie

Global Head of Marketing