ECH will aim to increase adoption of 5G connectivity focussing on regional strengths in R&D, advanced engineering/manufacturing and education whilst aligning with other common regional dimensions such as rurality and improving public transport, particularly East to West.

Key information

Total project funding amount: £3,800,000

Project date(s): -

Category: Government Funded

Location(s): Oxfordshire County Council - Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridge

Status: Open

Each of the Local Authority participants in the Region have experienced digital infrastructure teams that have made huge inroads to improving fixed broadband connectivity. Whilst this remains an important regional focus, they are now working to extend the reach of advanced wireless connectivity by way of enabling wider adoption of the technology as a means of improving business productivity, further innovation, and improving public service delivery.

ECH will deploy resources from each of the participating authorities to develop joint opportunities with the wireless telecoms supply chain and the sectors to create an Advanced Wireless ecosystem. The project will do this by stacking use cases as vertical propositions that can then be lifted into other applications more widely across the region.

The project plans to deploy two physical 5G infrastructure builds (Harwell & EW Rail) to develop this methodology.

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