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Resource | 24 Nov 2023

BEACON-5G Workshop and End of Project Showcase Event Report

The BEACON-5G team organised a workshop and end of project showcase event aimed at exhibiting some of the key technological innovations for Open RAN. BEACON-5G is among the winners of the £30 million UK government funding, allocated as part of the Future Open RAN Competition (FRANC), to support 5G diversification strategy. 

Event | 23 Nov 2023

From 5G to 6G: Opportunities for European Start-ups and SMEs

The webinar “From 5G to 6G: Opportunities for European Start-ups and SMEs”, jointly organised with Institute PIIU, will take place on 7 December from 11:00 to 12:30 CET

Event | 22 Nov 2023

Net Zero in Telecommunications Sandpit Event

Innovate UK would like to invite you to participate in a Sandpit event with the theme of Net Zero in the Telecommunications industry.

Resource | 22 Nov 2023

Independent Review of University Spin-out Companies

The UK has world-class research, but we are still ramping up the ecosystem to enable us to optimally commercialise this new technology. We need to reduce friction for entrepreneurs to spin out technology with commercially viable terms and do so at pace.

Download this independent review of university spin-out companies to learn more.

Resource | 21 Nov 2023

Dorset: From 5G testbed to innovation ecosystem

Dorset's vision is to be the UK’s leading rural location for digital innovation, showing how more remote locations can support innovation, tackle society’s grand challenges and turbocharge the UK economy.

Download to learn more about the advanced connectivity opportunities in Dorset.

Event | 20 Nov 2023

Connected Ecosystems Launch Event

Join Digital Catapult, the UK authority on advanced digital technology, for our Connected Ecosystems inaugural event as we hear from 3 speakers who are making the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality in the UK.

Project | 17 Nov 2023

The River Severn Partnership Advanced Wireless Innovation Region

Formed in 2019, the River Severn Partnership (RSP) brings together significant partners (26) across 8 counties. RSP covers more than 6,000 sq miles spanning both England and Wales. It is home to 2.6 million people and is projected to increase by 15% over the next 20 years to 2.9 million, equivalent to Greater Manchester.

Project | 17 Nov 2023

The Growing Sussex 5G Innovation Region

The food and wine growing region of Sussex presents fertile ground for growers and education centres to adopt foundational technologies in the sustainable intensification of their products, helping to achieve food security, reduce carbon and use energy efficiently. Sussex Councils are actively working with Growers and Education stakeholders, conducting research, understanding sector ambitions and current connectivity constraints.

Project | 17 Nov 2023

The Borderlands 5G Innovation Region

The Borderlands Partnership is a collaboration between the counties which make up the English and Scottish border. Rural tourism is a key part of the Borderlands economy: the region has fewer than 1 million residents but welcomed more than 63 million visits in 2019.

Project | 17 Nov 2023

The Ayrshire 5G Innovation Region

The Ayrshire 5G vision is to become the UK's premier manufacturing-focused 5G hub, driven by five transformative principles: technological excellence, a thriving innovation ecosystem, sustainable economic growth, skills and talent development, and influential investment strategies.

Project | 17 Nov 2023

The North East 5G Innovation Region

In a visionary move towards a digitally empowered future, the seven North East local authorities (LA7) are positioning the region at the forefront of advanced wireless connectivity.

Project | 17 Nov 2023

The Glasgow 5G Innovation Region

Glasgow City Region will utilise existing Internet of Things (IoT) deployments and smart city applications to identify, deliver and propagate use cases for utilising advanced wireless technologies and driving improvements in public and private sector service delivery.

Project | 17 Nov 2023

England’s Connected Heartland (ECH)

ECH will aim to increase adoption of 5G connectivity focussing on regional strengths in R&D, advanced engineering/manufacturing and education whilst aligning with other common regional dimensions such as rurality and improving public transport, particularly East to West.

Project | 17 Nov 2023

The Greater Manchester 5G SMART Decarbonisation Network (GM 5G SDN)

The GM 5G SDN project focuses on how partners across Greater Manchester (GM) will tackle the drivers of climate breakdown at a city region level, accelerating decarbonisation, improving quality of life, and growing the Green Technologies and Services sector.

Project | 17 Nov 2023

The West Midlands 5G Innovation Region

By becoming a 5G Innovation Region, West Midlands will transform productivity, create skilled jobs, improve health and wellbeing, and reduce emissions in two of the region’s most important sectors, advanced manufacturing and smart communities, which covers social care, social housing, and other related local services.

Project | 17 Nov 2023

The Belfast 5G Innovation Region

The Belfast Region is contributing to Northern Ireland’s innovation economy by making targeted investments in initiatives that will accelerate the adoption and commercialisation of advanced wireless technologies.

Resource | 16 Nov 2023

The Scotland 5G Centre

The Scotland 5G Centre accelerates the deployment and use of 5G and advanced communications technologies in Scotland’s Industrial and Public Sectors. Its remit is to enable the substantial economic and societal benefits provided by telecommunications advancements.

Event | 09 Nov 2023

Telecoms Infrastructure Working Group Plenary

On Thursday 23 November (15:00-17:00) techUK will be hosting its Telecoms Infrastructure Working Group Plenary.

Sign up now to hear insight from key industry stakeholders and network with others across the sector.


Event | 09 Nov 2023

Unleashing the Power of AI in Telecoms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting industry on a broad scale and telecoms is no exception, offering the potential to cut through network complexity, address new requirements, increase performance and enable automation.

Event | 07 Nov 2023

Industry Tutorial: Low Loss Photonic Integrated Circuits: From Prototype to Volume

In this talk, Optica will present progress on scaling the fabrication of low loss photonics integrated circuits to volume. They will discuss application spaces ranging from sensing to optical computing, including quantum computing and telecommunication, where low loss PICs are crucial to enable a technology breakthrough.

Event | 07 Nov 2023

Optica Online Industry Meeting: OLEDs and MicroLEDs

As one of the largest segments in the optics and photonics market, displays represent massive volumes and revenues. They continue to advance, particularly with OLEDs, MiniLEDs, and MicroLEDs offering new possibilities beyond flat panel displays to foldable displays, AR/VR headset displays, and creative lighting designs.

Event | 07 Nov 2023

Optica's Purposeful Executive Leadership Summit

Optica’s Purposeful Executive Leadership Summit is a professional development two day in-person only summit that is designed for middle mangers and those who seek to become middle managers.

Event | 07 Nov 2023

Executive Forum - The Premier Annual Event for Leaders in Optical Networking and Communications

Co-located with OFC, the Premier Event in Telecom and Data Center Optics' this is an Optica Industry Event. The Executive Forum features C-level panelists in an informal, uncensored setting discussing the latest issues facing the industry and your business.

Resource | 07 Nov 2023

UKTIN: Unifying the buzzing telecoms sector, Issue 2

Welcome to the UKTIN quarterly review. In Issue 2, Nick Johnson talks about the great work that the UKTIN consortium is doing to accelerate the UK telecoms innovation engine, takes stock of the guidance given last time and whether we measured up and speculates about what there is to look forward to as we approach 2024.