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Resource | 30 May 2024

UKTL Introductory Slides To UKTIN

UK Telecom Labs Introductory Presentation to UKTIN

Resource | 30 May 2024

UKTIN Clusters Coventry City Council Digital Innovation Presentation

Presentation outlining digital innovation undertaken by Coventry City Council

Event | 28 May 2024

Career Insight: Careers in Tech, Telecoms and Engineering

Opportunity to Present Our Exciting Sector to the Next Generation

Event | 15 May 2024


Advanced Engineering 2024, taking place on October 30-31 at Birmingham's NEC, is more than just an exhibition for engineering and manufacturing; it's a crucial converging point for addressing current industry challenges.

Event | 15 May 2024

Smart Manufacturing Engineering Week

Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week features a series of digital and live events that showcase end-to-end manufacturing & engineering solutions, to encourage conversation, business knowledge sharing & action.

Resource | 16 Apr 2024

Regional Showcase Worcestershire

A showcase of 5G activity in Worcestshire.

Resource | 16 Apr 2024

Spotlight on WM5G Connectivity in the West Midlands

A showcase of 5G activity in the West Midlands.

Event | 23 Jan 2024

Risk, perception, management and mitigation in RF Safety

We’re delighted to announce that this year’s annual event will again be hosted at the University of Birmingham’s brand-new conference park and hotel in collaboration with the Radio Technology SIG at Cambridge Wireless. 

Project | 17 Nov 2023

The River Severn Partnership Advanced Wireless Innovation Region

Formed in 2019, the River Severn Partnership (RSP) brings together significant partners (26) across 8 counties. RSP covers more than 6,000 sq miles spanning both England and Wales. It is home to 2.6 million people and is projected to increase by 15% over the next 20 years to 2.9 million, equivalent to Greater Manchester.

Project | 17 Nov 2023

The West Midlands 5G Innovation Region

By becoming a 5G Innovation Region, West Midlands will transform productivity, create skilled jobs, improve health and wellbeing, and reduce emissions in two of the region’s most important sectors, advanced manufacturing and smart communities, which covers social care, social housing, and other related local services.

Project | 12 Sep 2023


Working from AMRC North-West in Blackburn, FoFoRAN will develop, test, and showcase flexible Open RAN deployment approaches for the manufacturing sector.

Project | 12 Sep 2023


BEACH is led by Dense Air, with partners West Sussex County Council and technology providers Radisys UK, VM Ware, Sitenna, and the University of Glasgow, to implement an energy efficient shared mobile network responding to increasing user demand.

Project | 12 Sep 2023

Sunderland Open Network Ecosystem

The 'Sunderland Open Network EcosysTem' (SONET) Project is poised to transform the way we engage with live sports and esports. the project will showcase a highly efficient, state-of-the art High-Density Demand (HDD) Open RAN solution at the Stadium of Light and the new British Esports Arena, part of the National Esports Performance Campus in Sunderland.

Project | 12 Sep 2023

One Western O-RAN (Bath)

ONE WORD, the Open Networks Ecosystem Western Open RAN Deployment, will deploy a 5G Stand Alone RAN in four High Density Demand (HDD) scenarios; the City of Bath, around Cardiff’s Principality stadium, the historic Shelsley Walsh motorsport venue, and Shrewsbury’s Quarry Park.

Project | 12 Sep 2023

Navigate (London)

Project NAVIGATE aims to design, deploy, test and validate a blueprint for deploying open, shareable, public mobile 5G capacity in High Density Deployment (HDD) environments at scale, with Open RAN.

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

Manufacturing: How To Identify Your Connectivity Requirements

Guide to help manufacturers identify their connectivity requirements

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

Health & Social Care: How To Identify Your Connectivity Requirements

Guide to help NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and Health & Social Care providers identify their connectivity requirements

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

Building the 5G investment case: Health & Social Care

5G opens new horizons for the health and social care sector, where connectivity remains a major problem.

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

Health & Social Care: How data privacy can be effectively managed via 5G networks

Security and privacy is vital when dealing with peoples' personal. This guide explores how 5G networks can deliver secure connectivity, providing assurance to the sector and patients.

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

Manufacturing: An Introductory Guide to 5G & Security

A guide exploring 5G's security credentials, its ability to support zero trust models and the interplay between security and safety.

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

A Report from West Mercia 5G

The following information is the High Level Summary Report (October 2022) on the outcomes and findings from the West Mercia Rural 5G Project.

News | 19 Jun 2023

Everything you need to know: 5G adoption

An investment package worth almost £150 million was unveiled recently by the Department of Science, Innovation & Technology (DSIT), with up to £100 million to put the UK at the forefront of research and £40 million to boost 5G tech adoption. UKTIN spoke to Kate Greenham, Head of Programmes for Wireless Infrastructure, DSIT.

Resource | 19 Jun 2023

UKTIN Talent Forum - Kick Off Meeting - Presentation

Slides from the UKTIN Talent Kick Off Meeting

News | 14 Jun 2023

ITP Awards 2023

Recognising individual talent in the Digital Industry