Health & Social Care: How data privacy can be effectively managed via 5G networks

Security and privacy is vital when dealing with peoples' personal. This guide explores how 5G networks can deliver secure connectivity, providing assurance to the sector and patients.



A core part of the duty of care—and a vital concern for the sector as it embraces digital transformation—is that the protection of personal data is fair, lawful and transparent, with policies on confidential data seeking to strike a balance between safeguarding patient information and the use and sharing of records to improve care, for instance for research purposes.

With new security standards built into 5G, the sector can confidently deploy networks to power more intelligent, secure and privacy-compliant data management processes. Of course, patients also need to be reassured that their data will be treated with sensitivity and caution. Frontline workers may find it helpful therefore to understand both the benefits of 5G and how data privacy can be effectively managed via 5G networks, so they can address any concerns that may arise at the point of care.

This guide aims to support this need, helping the health and social care sector to understand
the power of 5G while building confidence and facilitating deployments.

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