Cambridge Wireless International Conference: From The Moon To The Deep Blue Sea

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When: 05 December 2023, 09:00 - 17:00

Where: Hybrid / Hinxton Hall, Cambridge

Cost: Free to CW members / £75.00 (+ VAT) for non members in person / £25.00 for non members online only

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This year's conference will explore the convergence of space, airborne, terrestrial and marine technologies to deliver the next evolution of wireless connectivity, unlocking new possibilities for applications and services.

Beyond providing a view of these future applications, the conference aims to cut through the hype surrounding high-profile technologies like AI and Quantum and provide greater understanding of their actual business and societal impact.

This conference will cover two key threads:

  1. Space, airborne, terrestrial, maritime technologies, and the potential for integration to drive the future connected world.
  2. The potential for emerging technologies and their convergence to have a transformative impact on business and society.
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