Federated Telecoms Hub 6G Research Partnership Funds (THRPF) Webinar

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When: 13 March 2024, 14:00 - 15:30

Where: Virtual

Cost: Free

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EPSRC and DSIT have funded three future Telecoms Hubs and provided additional resources to bring them together in a federated structure, which will help deliver the six core areas identified in the Wireless Infrastructure Strategy. This structure brings together three existent EPSRC funded future telecoms platforms with new connecting infrastructure (JOINER).

The three new Telecoms Hubs:

The Hubs are geared to address research challenges in three broad areas, namely, network-of-networks, wireless and wired spectrum and telco cloud & next generation computing for telecommunication. Additionally, as part of federated telecoms hub a Joint Open Infrastructure for Networks Research (JOINER) is also being developed to support collaborative experimentation and experimentation at scale across the Hubs’ research ecosystem and beyond.

TITAN, HASC, and CHEDDAR have been allocated a £4m in total (£1.33m each (at 80% fEC)) to build joint work between members of the Hubs and new partners across the UK landscape to expand the research programme in alignment with the hubs’ objectives and to showcase first 6G trials and experiments.

This webinar will provide more details on the hubs and the opportunity to submit proposals.

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