GenAI Security Roundtable - sponsored by AWS

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When: 15 July 2024, 13:00 - 16:00

Where: TBC

Cost: Free

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As the UK government invests £1 billion in accelerating the nation's generative AI capabilities, AWS and techUK are hosting a roundtable discussion to explore the critical intersection of security and generative AI, addressing the challenges and opportunities that arise as this transformative technology gains momentum.
Generative AI, powered by foundation models, holds immense potential for revolutionizing industries across the economy. However, its rapid advancement also raises concerns about security, privacy, regulatory and ethical implications. As the UK approaches the general election, attendees will also explore the roles of Government, industry and academia, assessing how we can ensure the UK is well placed to seize the opportunities offered in this space.
This roundtable aims to foster a dialogue among industry leaders, policymakers, and experts, enabling them to share insights, best practices, and strategies for harnessing the power of generative AI while maintaining robust safeguards. Attendees will delve into real-world use cases applicable to the public sector and discuss how to secure generative AI applications effectively.

Join the event to confidently innovate with cutting-edge generative AI while prioritizing security.



Heather Lowrie

Chief Information Security Officer, University of Manchester (CISO) | FCIIS

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Mark Evans

Principle Security Strategist, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Paul Health

Security GTM Lead - UK Public Sector, AWS

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