Telecoms and tech plays ‘defining role’ in new US-India pact

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Telecoms and tech plays ‘defining role’ in new US-India pact

6G research, Open RAN and semiconductors are among the main highlights of the US and India’s newly-strengthened strategic partnership.

In a joint statement last week, US President Joe Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said “technology will play the defining role” in the US-India Comprehensive Global and Strategic Partnership.

Under the agreement, the countries have committed to “promoting policies and adapting regulations that facilitate greater technology sharing, co-development, and co-production opportunities between US and Indian industry, government, and academic institutions.”

This includes two public-private task forces, one working on Open RAN, the other conducting R&D into 5G and 6G technologies. The Open RAN task force will conduct field trials and rollouts – including large-scale deployments – in both countries, with participation from operators and vendors from both markets. The 5G/6G task force will work together on common standards, facilitating access to chipsets for system development, and establishing joint R&D projects. Public-private cooperation between vendors and operators will be led by India’s Bharat 6G Alliance and the US Next G Alliance.

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