DCIA Dissemination Event: Insights and Updates from the DCIA pilots

Case study


During this second DCIA dissemination event, attendees were able to hear updates from all eight of the digital asset management pilots, with clear progress having been made on all sides since the last event in June. Dejan Bojic, DCMS, introduced the session by thanking everyone for their time and commitment to the DCIA project, and expressed a hope that delving into the DCIA pilots would “spark good conversation and good collaboration”.

“Fundamentally if we are to boil this down to a simple definition” Bojic said, “it’s all about finding the right location for the roll out of advanced wireless equipment in the future” with a significant focus on public and private collaboration

At its heart, DCIA is about processes – “making them easier, faster, making them digital, streamlining those interactions and processes, ironing out any kinks, and minimising friction between the public and private sectors”.

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