Space Industrial Plan



The Space Industrial Plan is a joint civil-defence plan that sets out to modernise the relationship between government and the commercial space sector, establishing clear visions, missions, and actions to unlock growth and develop resilient space capabilities.

The Space Industrial Plan sets out five specific capability goals where the UK seeks leadership across:

  • Space Domain Awareness (SDA)
  • In-orbit servicing and assembly and manufacturing
    space data for earth applications
  • Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT)
  • satellite communication technology
  • The five specific capability goals will direct resources and efforts to these areas of strategic importance and expected industry focus.

The Space Industrial Plan aims to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem of space companies of all sizes, driving innovation and ensuring operational independence in a contested space environment. It will also be instrumental in guiding future spending decisions and ensuring the efficient allocation of resources in support of the UK’s space ambitions.

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