The State of Broadband: - June 2024 Leveraging AI for Universal Connectivity



The ITU/UNESCO Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development is investigating and considering how AI can best be used to enhance people’s lives, improve development outcomes and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year’s State of Broadband 2024 report offers an initial overview of some of the ways in which AI applications are already being used to benefit development, across a number of fields, as well as some of the risks. 

This report considers some of the implications of the digital divide, as well as the impact of AI across fields of e-government, education, digital health, digital finance and the environment. It tracks progress in the Broadband Commission’s Advocacy Targets on the road to the UN Summit of the Future and the SDGs. 

At the current crossroads, as broadband and computing infrastructure provides the basis for changes brought about by AI, policy responses are in the early stages of development. The State of Broadband report aims to inform policy-makers about developments in AI and their effects on the goals of the Broadband Commission, as policy-makers engage with the development of digital technologies and their impact on the policy landscape

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