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We have specifically designed a range of telecommunications training courses to enable the learner to be fully proficient in Smart Awards requirements.

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This is to assure employers that candidates are fully compliant, safe and ready to be productive within the telecommunications industry as soon as they leave our training centre.

We have concentrated on the delivery of fibre optic telecommunications training courses to enable access to the telecoms network, which is in line with the current demands of the telecoms industry.

Smart Awards are the governing body in the telecoms industry. Every telecoms engineer working on the Openreach network requires a Smart Awards Network Operative Passport Scheme (NOPS) card. This is a card that registers all of the engineers accreditations in one place. The Scheme is managed and administered by Smart Awards who work with industry to agree and set standards, and to ensure they are in line with industry and legislative changes. The scheme provides industry compliance for training and accreditation and holds workforce data accessible via smartphone and tablet devices.

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